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Implementation Status: Planned

The status of a KAG account can be fetched from

This will contain a JSON dictionary with the following keys:

Key Data Type Description/Values
accountStatus Integer The account's gold/premium as well as banned status. Current values are additive binary fields. Additional values may be added, so plan accordingly in consumption code.

1: Active
2: Gold
4: Globally Banned
0: Inactive
3: Active and Gold
5: Active and Banned
7: Active and Gold and Banned

currentStatus Integer Whether the player is online or not. Additive binary fields/bitstring, so if the player is online and playing the value would be 3

1: Online
2: Playing

currentServer Dictionary, two strings and an Integer (IPv4, IPv6 and port) IPv4 and/or IPv6 address and port of the server the player is currently in. If the player is offline or otherwise not in a server, this will be the server they were last seen on. A dictionary will be returned with the IPv4 and/or IPv6 address of the server (with keys IPv4 and IPv6). If other server details are desired, they should be requested from the Server Status resource

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