Back Wood Wall

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Back Wood Wall
WoodenBackWall1.png WoodenBackWall2.png WoodenBackWall3.png
Cost per block 2 WoodMini.png
Breaking yields 0 WoodMini.png
Hits to break 2 hits

Wooden back wall is a block used to support buildings and structures, just as castle back walls do.

Using the wood back wall is cheaper in terms of resources while preventing collapses. However, it's not as durable as castle back wall. It takes 2 hits to destroy it, instead of 5 hits for castle back wall. Wooden back wall can be destroyed by builders and knights, but not by archers.

Gameplay Tips

  • Builders can place any other blocks directly over back wall, without having to remove it first
  • Wooden back wall should not be placed in spots where they are essential to the support of a structure
  • Builders can "repair" a wooden back wall into a castle back wall just by placing the block over it. This allows you to place a castle back wall for 1 stone and 1 wood rather than 2 stone.