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There are three classes in King Arthur's Gold. You can change your class at the tent, by pressing the 'F' key..


Life: Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Type: Melee
Move speed: Slow
  • Left click - Fight with the sword
  • Right click - Defend with the shield, you can change the shield direction by moving the mouse cursor, it'll block damage, arrows and players can't pass through the shield but the Knight can't move when he is using his shield.
  • E - Loot corps.


Life: Heart.pngHeart.png
Type: Ranged
Move speed: Fast
  • Hold left click - Aim and release it to shoot
  • Right click - Make arrows from trees
  • E - Pick arrows from the ground / Loot corps


Life: Heart.pngHeart.png
Type: Melee
Move speed: Fast
  • Left click - Build
  • Right click - Harvest/mine
  • E - Loot corps
  • F - Cycle through objects to build.