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Mouse Function
Left button Knight: Fight with the sword,destroy block/doors

Archer: Aim, release it to shoot
Builder: Build

Right button Knight: Defend with the shield

Archer: Make arrows from trees, destroy dirt
Builder: Harvest / Mine / Fight

Mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Key Function
A/D Move your champion
W Jump

Climb a ladder

S Crouch

Down a ladder

F Change classes (at tent)

Throw bomb with the Knight
Cycle through objects to build. with the Builder

E Pick up stash

Drop gold at stash
Loot corpse
Operate catapult
Pick arrows from the ground with the Archer

E+F Suicide
A Team menu (to change team)
0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Emotes
Right CTRL Toggle chat team (press it after pressing enter)
TAB Scoreboard
F1 Toggle help
F4 Take a screenshot (saved in KAG folder /screenshots)