Day/Night Cycle

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 939).

The Day/Night Cycle is an optional feature for KAG servers, whereby the environment alternates between day and night.

During the daytime, visibility is at maximum. Players can see clearly. Darkness only exists in confined spaces, such as in confined structures or underground caverns. However, as night approaches, everything slowly becomes darker, and the visibility reduces, giving excitement to the game.

Nighttime provides a cover of darkness for all players, permitting an additional level of tactics. During the night, players have low visibility, which allows teams to organize ambushes from the shadows. For CTF servers with the cycle enabled, night is the perfect time for players to sneakily grab enemy flags. To counter this, a team may wish to introduce some light sources to its base.

Light Sources

There are several different light sources in the standard settings and more variations can be modded in and added to a server's configs. The standard light sources include:

  • Daylight (The whole map is visible but obviously only in the day.) This excludes places that the light wont touch, for example deep underwater, in a deep cavern or in a long tunnel.
  • Lanterns: Lanterns can be created at a builders workshop (CTF) or a workbench (TTH) and the standard price is 10 wood.
  • Lit kegs and bombs: When lit, kegs and bombs also emit a small amount of light, so that enemies can spot them.
  • Player: The player gives off a faint radius of light, however this is purely on the client side and no other players can see your light radius, as they will have their own.
  • Certain Workshops have lanterns mounted to them, and thus act as a light source, with similar light radius as a Lantern

Day/Night Cycle in gamemodes other than Take the Halls

To enable day and night, simply open up the gamemode.cfg file, located Kagserv/Base/Rules/%your_game_mode_choice%/ and change the variables:

daycycle_speed                     = 0                  # 1 day = X minutes; / 0 no cycle
daycycle_start                     = 0.5        # 0.0 midnight; 0.5 - midday; 1.0 midnight