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King Arthur's Gold was created in spring (northen hemisphere) or autumn (southern hemisphere) 2011 in a two-man collaborative effort, and while others may have contributed throughout that time, the team remains essentially the same today. Note that currently (11/19/2018), there are many "part-time" develophers that arise, due to fan-coded Feature Pitches on GitHub.

Michał "MM" Marcinkowski

Already a well known game developer, MM was popularised for his game "Soldat", and has coded most of the game to date. A less active and more reserved person than his colleague, MM does not show his face all too often and prefers a shroud of mystery.

Max "Geti" Cahill

Geti was not so well known at the time of KAG's release, but was a well-respected artist and game designer, having become a major character in some popular online forums, which was partly responsible for the success of the game. He operates his own website and game studios, 1BarDesign, where he showcases his flash-based games. His characteristic art style can be seen across his previous work, and he is also a friendly face and not one to cause trouble.

Working alongside MM, Geti created all of the artwork for KAG, and even participated in some of the codework as well. His friendly demeanour and persistent activity often make him the face of King Arthur's Gold itself.

Ryan "FliesLikeABrick" Rawdon

FliesLikeABrick, or FLAB as he is commonly reffered to as, first joined the thd team when he created the Soldat Forum, and now manages the KAG servers and also does some work on development.

Tom "Shadlington" Robinson

Shadlington, or just Shad, manages the KAG Forums and also created "Security Levels"; he also does some work on other parts of KAG development.

Lucas "Furai" Grzegorczyk

Furai manages the "Report Abusive Players" section on the forum; banning people that have been reported with sufficient evidence, and also does some work on other parts of KAG. He is also dealing with game support, replying to customer emails everyday.

Joe "jrgp" Gillotti"

Jrgp is the webmaster for the kag2d website, and also administrates the Soldat Forum. Jrgp also worked with FLAB on building an automated build release system for testers.

Oliver “Mr” Kuckertz

Not much known of him as he isn't involved with the community.