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Tamable No
Hits to Kill 1
Drops Dead Fish.png
Function A Swimming Snack.

Fishes are animals that swim around in bodies of water. The official game name for a fish is a "fishy" (commands will thus only work with !fishy and not !fish).

They are found in some CTF maps. They can be killed and eaten to regain health. They can also be stored in the backpack, to preserve the food for later use.


Fishes tend to swim in groups and seem to be capable of reproduction, just as chickens are, in sandbox modes. They are killed by anything that does damage: slashes, stabs, arrows, explosives, pickaxe swings ... They also die when one takes a fish out of the water for 15 seconds. However, by putting the fish in the inventory, this timer will be paused.


Upon taking a fish out of the inventory or touching a dead fish, a damaged player will be instantly recovered to full health.


  • Archers can shoot fish at a teammate like they can a burger.
  • Fish spawn in different pretty colors.
  • Unlike other healing items, fishes can be destroyed