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Production cost 60 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break 2 by pickaxe
Used by Everyone
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced KnightShop.png (CTF)

DemolitionFactory.png (TTH)

Mines are a object purchased at the Knight Shop that explode on impact with the enemy.


The mine can be "primed" by putting it on the ground and waiting for it to activate. The mine is vulnerable at the moment where it is on the floor but not primed. The mine can be converted by the enemy if they pick it up before it activates. Once primed the mine will blow instant gibbing any character within a few blocks This includes corpses. Besides bodies arrows will destroy them with a direct hit, and the builders pickaxe will destroy them with two hits (knocking the mine back with the first hit.)

Mines are best used to control choke points, placing them at the base of structures, or on top of enemy doors. Mines can hide among bodies and other objects, making it ideal to place them in high traffic areas. Defensively mines can be placed in flag rooms, but beware the potential collateral damage is high. Mines held in player's inventories are released and activated on death, so watch out!


  • A mine cannot be activated when it is in movement.
  • A mine can be disarmed by a number of knight's slashes, a builder pickaxing it, or it can be set off by an archer's arrow.
  • The mine can be broken by 2 bombs from the knight.
  • Mines can be destroyed, without an explosion, by saws. This is useful if the enemy just spammed mines at your base and you can grab the saw and clear the mines.
  • Chickens set off mines.