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There are several movement techniques that allow players to navigate structures and terrain more efficiently and fluidly.

All classes

Ledge Jump
By jumping over the ledge of a block, the resulting jump is slightly higher than a normal jump from flat terrain. This makes it possible to jump over 4 block high walls instead of the usual 3.

Cliff Climb
Players can hang onto ledges of blocks that have one non-solid space between them. This makes it possible to quickly climb any wall in which every second or third block is removed or replaced with a team door. Cliff climbing is significantly faster than climbing ladders, and as such it is the preferred method for climbing castle constructions. Removing a couple of dirt blocks from a wall allows all classes to climb out of holes and tunnels.

Wall Slide
Players can slide down walls of any height safely by moving directly against the wall while falling. An easily accessible wall slide opportunity can help your team drop from high towers quickly, rather than having to cautiously navigate stairs.

Ladder Drop
Multiple ladder blocks stacked on top of each greatly slow down any falling players, allowing for drops from significant heights without taking any damage.


Shield Glide
Knights can glide with their shield by holding it upward while airborne. The shield retains its blocking ability while gliding.

Bomb Jump
Similar to rocket jumping in many other games, knights can use the explosion of their bombs to propel themselves upwards. There are several techniques, but the simplest consists of laying a lit bomb infront of oneself and waiting for it to explode with the shield blocking the explosion. Using momentum from running can propel the player forward into a specific direction. More advanced techniques involve dropping the bomb right before the explosion while jumping.

Shield Ladder
Any player can stand on top of a knight who point his shield upwards. This allows multiple knights to form an impromptu ladder for the team.


Arrow Ladder
Archers can create a ladder of arrows, usable only by themselves, by shooting a series of arrows into a wall. The arrows must be roughly perpendicular to the wall in order to be climbable by the archer.