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There are several different types of objects. Many are movable and can be grabbed and thrown using the C key. All of them interact with the world or the players in a certain way. Unlike blocks objects are normally temporary and players can pass through them.


Items come in many different forms, most are collectable or can be picked up.

Image Object name Used by Pickup Produced by
Arrow.png Arrow Archer Archer: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup
ArcherShop.png (CTF)

MilitarySuppliesFactory.png (TTH)

Bomb.png Bomb Knight Knight: Auto
Everyone:Manual pickup
KnightShop.png (CTF)

MilitarySuppliesFactory.png (TTH)

Rockparts 32px.png Boulder (ammo) Catapult Builder after dropping: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup(not sure)
Destroying Bedrock 16px.png / Firing Catapult
Catapult.png Catapult {{{Used}}} {{{Pickup}}} VehicleShop.png (CTF)

CatapultFactory.png (TTH)

Coin 32px.pngCoins.png Coin Everyone Everyone: Auto Damaging enemies/Mining resources/Building
Gib 32px.png Gib - - Exploding units
Goldmaterial.png Gold Builder Builder: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup
Goldnugget 16px.png
Heart 32px.png Heart Everyone Everyone while hurt: Auto
Everyone while not hurt: Manual pickup
Killing units


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