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There are several different types of objects. Many are movable and can be grabbed and thrown using the C key. All of them interact with the world or the players in a certain way. Unlike blocks objects are normally temporary and players can pass through them.

Image Object name Used by Produced by
File:Arrow 32px.png Arrow Archer

Manual pickup for Everyone

Treeblock 16px.png(Archer only)

File:ArrowWSp 16px.png

File:Bomb 32px.png Bomb Knight

Manual pickup for Everyone

File:BombWSp 16px.png
File:Catapult 32px.png Catapult Everyone

No pickup for archer

Builder from File:Catapultp 16px.png
Coin 32px.png Coin Everyone Doing damage
Flag 32px.png Flag Everyone Spawntent
Gib 32px.png Gib - Exploding units
File:Gold 32px.png Gold Builder

Manual pickup for Everyone

Goldnugget 16px.png
Heart 32px.png Heart Everyone Killing units
File:Outpost 32px.png Outpost Everyone Builder fromFile:Outpostp 16px.png
File:Rubble 32px.png Rubble Builder after dropping Destroying bedrock / Firing Catapult
File:Stone 32px.png Stone Builder

Manual pickup for Everyone

Rock 16px.png Thickrock 16px.png
File:Wood 32px.png Wood Builder

Manual pickup for Everyone

Treeblock 16px.png(Builder Only)


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