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This page contains many of the problems that players commonly encounter, with possible solutions for each.


Account/Banning and Premium Issues

These questions address your in-game account, including bans and premium registration. For any issues regarding your account not mentioned here, use our contact form or send an email to us directly via support (at) Please wait for a response patiently.

I was kicked/banned from a specific server for no reason. What do I do?

First, take the time to make sure that your ban wasn't a ping ban. You can get ping banned if you lag excessively on the server or if a sudden lag spike occurs. The ban typically lasts only about ten minutes, so you can check back in afterwards, if your ping stabilizes. To stay on the safe side you should make sure that you join a server which is in your vicinity and also turn off any programmes running in background which cause excessive Internet traffic (like uploading and/or downloading). If you were banned by an administrator of the server, you can try to appeal your ban to the server owners in their respective server thread, which should be found in the forum in this section.

My account was banned. How can I get it lifted?

You may appeal a global ban (when your account is denied access to the master server) by posting in this thread or by sending an email to support (at)

An example of the email you should receive after purchasing premium

Can I play on any server while being globally banned?

Yes. We are hosting the server for people who broke KAG rules and got banned globally. Just search for it in the server browser, its name is: KAG Official TTH EU (HAX).

How does purchasing work?

To provide convenient purchases world-wide, we provide multiple ways to buy the full version. Purchases can sometimes take up to five days to process your order, according to the method of payment you choose. If the method you have chosen directs you to receive an email, ensure that you check the inbox of the account that you provided to the merchant to receive your code. (i.e. Code is sent to your email address connected with Paypal/BMT Micro purchase.) To activate the full version, simply login to this website and click on "Panel" at the top then enter your redemption code. You can also give this code as a gift, but remember, each code can only be redeemed once.

There is nothing like special download for the full version of the game. All the features are already in the game. It gets unlocked when you redeem the code in order to make your account Gold.

How come I didn't receive my gold activation key?

First of all please check your spambox/junk for the email.

Please send an email to support (at) with any relevant details:

  • Account name
  • Email address tied to it
  • The way you have purchased the game (BMT Micro, Paypal)
    • If purchased through Paypal or BMT Micro then please include also email address provided for purchase

Please keep in mind that depending on way of payment the time to get the code varies:

  • Paypal - should be instant, sometimes it takes up to few hours.
  • Paypal eCheck - up to 5 business days.
  • BMT Micro - up to 3 business days

I bought the game from the website, will I get a Steam key and a Desura key?

Yes, you will get a Desura key and a Steam key. If you want a Desura/Steam key: Go to the KAG website and login. Click on "Panel" at the top and then on "Get your Desura/Steam Key!".

I bought the game from GoG, will I get a Steam key and a Desura key?

No, we don't provide Steam and Desura keys for users coming from GoG.

I bought the game from the HumbleBundle, will I get a Steam key and a Desura key?

No. You can get the Steam key only from the HumbleBundle. After purchasing the bundle you should be able to request the Steam key from them by going to your games library.

I bought the game from the HumbleBundle and I don't want to use Steam. What should I do?

HumbleBundle should send you a premium key which you should be able to redeem in order to make your account premium and allow you play multliplayer with standalone client which you can download here.

I didn't receive website activation email. What should I do?

First of all please check your spambox/junk for the email.

Please go to our main website and log in there (at the top of the page). Once you do it please click on "Panel" at the top. From the pop up menu choose "Resend activation E-mail". It should do what is says - resend the missing email to activate your account.

How can I recover my password?

Please go to our main website and click on the login button at the top of the page. Once you do it you should be presented with pop-up window with login fields. Just below it there should be link saying "Password Recovery". All you need to do is to click it, provide your email address tied to your account, put in form validation code and submit it. Once you do it you should get an email with link to reset your password.

How do I redeem the code to get gold account?

To setup your account you'll need to login into your KAG Game Account (or create a new account if you don't have one). Now go to main website and click on "Panel" at the top. Click on "Redeem Gold" and enter your code. Now please start the game, log-in and join any on-line server to register your gold status with the game.

Why doesn't the login button on the website work?

You may be using Internet Explorer or an outdated browser that doesn't support the features of our website. Try another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

I bought the game via Desura. Can I get a Steam key to play it over there?

Yes, but not all of the users are eligible. Please read this for more information.

I bought the game via Desura. Why am I not premium?

If you don't have premium after purchasing via Desura, click on the “Play” tab and right click King Arthur's Gold, hit “View CD key” - copy and paste the code and follow instructions which you can find here.

How do I redeem a Steam Key to activate KAG on it?

Please follow these instructions to activate KAG on Steam:

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games Menu.
  3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Once you do this and you install your game, remember that, when you first launch the game via Steam you should link your EXISTING KAG account to it. Don't create automatically generated account if you have already KAG account.

How to redeem a Desura key?

To redeem a Desura key:

  1. open the Desura client
  2. click the Desura logo in the upper left corner
  3. click Tools
  4. click "Activate game CD key or gift"

In the window that opens up, you will be able to enter the key that you have and then all you need to do is click "Activate", and it will activate your product key.

Where do I report conduct violators/griefers/hackers?

All reports of abusive players should be posted in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow all the guidelines for filing a report.

I see hackers or a griefer online when I play, what do I do if there isn't an admin online?

You can record the griefer/hacker and report him/her like stated here, or go the the IRC and say !guard [player name] is [hacking/griefing] at [server name]. This will let a guard come which will see if you are right and then ban or record the player.

Can I change my account name?

It is a hassle for the staff - several different systems share user/authentication information, but it is possible. Because of the previously mentioned problems we offer name change only to people who donate to forums and PM Furai/Shadlington about it.

Can I change my in-game name?

Yes. If you are using Steam you can just change your Steam nickname and it will update in-game the next time you respawn. If you aren't, you can go into the console by pressing "Home" then typing /cl_name (your name here) and your new nickname will appear the next time you respawn.

Where can I get Zombie Fortress?

Zombie Fortress is a part of Classic version of KAG. You can get it here. It wasn't ported by developers into KAG, though there exist many modded servers with Zombies on it in the latest version. Just check your server browser.

Technical Support

How do I link KAG account to Steam?

There are 2 ways to do it - you can link your existing KAG account or create a new one. Upon the first launch of the game via Steam library you'll be presented with 2 options:

  • Link to existing account (this is recommended option)
  • If you have already the KAG account you can link it to Steam on the first launch by choosing this option and providing your account credentials.
  • I'm new.
  • This option will create for you new KAG account. You'll be able to chose your username. It's automatically filled in with your Steam account name.
  • In order to be able to use this account to log in at forums/our main website - you'll have to add e-mail and password for this account. If you launch the game via Steam, in the main menu of the game you'll be able to find option called "Set e-mail & password".

I'm getting problems with linking my Steam to KAG account. What should I do?

Click customise.
Click customise.
Add these domains to exceptions.
Add these domains to exceptions.

If you're getting errors saying:

  • API Error - Could not create KAG account. Details: Curl Error in getPlayerInfo(): SSL connect error (getUniqueAccountName) status -1
  • Cannot connect - Could not connect to authentication server. Check your internet connection and try again. (Curl Error in getPlayerInfo(): SSL connect error (getUniqueAccountName) status -1)
  • Error - Could not create KAG account. Details: Unexpected HTTP Status (expected 200) in postSteamCreatePlayer(): 0 (postSteamCreatePlayer) status 1
  • Cannot connect - Cannot authenticate at this time (status: APICLIENT_REQUESTSTATUS_OTHER_ERROR). (Additional info - Unexpected HTTP Status (expected 200) in postSteamCreatePlayer(): 0 (postSteamCreatePlayer) status 1)

There are 2 common ways to fix that:

  • MAC users:
  • Parental Controls are known to cause this issue. You can launch the game on the user account with Parental Controls COMPLETELY disabled.
  • You can add these 3 addresses to the exception list (refer to screenshots on right):
  • To do so you have to go to parental control settings, click on customise and add the above addresses to "Always allow these websites" list.
  • Windows users:
  • As weird as it sounds - reboot usually helps.
  • It's known that Comodo firewall is blocking KAG from connecting to the Internet. You have to add the game to the exceptions.

Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates and other alike

If you get this message, please check your system date. It has to be correct in order for the certificates to be valid.

Can I run KAG from USB flash drive?

Due to the fact that the game does a lot of disk operations it is not advised to run it from the USB flash drive. It may cause freezes.

I've redeemed my code on Steam and there is no KAG in my library. What to do?

Please close Steam and launch it again. It should fix your problem.

I don't see any servers/I only see a couple of servers

Check if your client is up-to-date. If it is not up-to-date, run forceupdate.bat located in the main KAG folder. (Steam/Steamapps/Common/King Arthur's Gold/ for steam users)

I get a message that manual update is needed. What should I do?

You need to download the latest version of the game from our website and reinstall it. Make sure that you first completely uninstall the old version and remove all the remaining files.

Will I lose my Gold status after re-installation of the game?

No. The gold features are tied to your account - not to the game itself. There is nothing like the full version of the game. All the features get unlocked when you log in and join any on-line game, of course if you have a Golden account.

I have installed the game. How do I play it?

First of all one have to launch the game - you do it by double-clicking "KAG.exe" in your main KAG folder or by running it from the shortcut on your desktop (if you have one). You can also hit "windows" key on your keyboard and look for it there - it should be listed under name of "King Arthur's Gold". If you have Windows Vista or later (Windows 7, 8) you should be able to type into the search bar (in the start menu) "KAG" and you should see the "Play KAG" icon - just click it to launch the game. After doing so the game should start checking for updates and apply changes if needed. Now you should be able to see the launcher. It consist of few items which are worth checking out:

  • Play - Hit it to launch the game right away.
  • Setup - Here you can setup your resolution.
  • Create account - redirects you to our main website registration form where you can create an account if you don't have one yet.
  • KAG Community - collection of links:
    • Forums - Redirects to our forums. It's really nice source of information.
    • Wiki - Redirects you to this wiki. It holds many useful articles.
    • Manual - Redirects you to the manual done by SirSalami. It introduces player to basics of game like movement, etc.
    • Blog - Redirects to developers blog where you can see where our development is going.
    • Report bugs - Redirects to our bugtracking system where one can report bugs.
  • News - (stripe on the bottom) Here you can see tweets from our Twitter account.

After hitting the "Play" button the actual game will launch. Here you will be asked to log in. Supply the form with your account credentials (username and password) and confirm by clicking green tick mark.

You can also create an account here and recover the lost account (both options redirect to our main website's appropriate pages). There is also option to play the game off-line if one desires to do so - just click the "Offline" button.

If it's the first time you play after upgrading your account to Gold - you should play any on-line game to activate all the paid features first.

That's pretty much all you need to know about it. For more information, please refer to the manual.

What is the KAG Engine/How is KAG built?

Irrlicht is used for rendering, it is not used "raw" - we've made modifications to Irrlicht and we basically use it to get access to OpenGL and operating system events in a portable, comfortable way. If we were to do the same thing again, we'd probably use SDL for handling those tasks, but there's a lot of legacy baggage. We actually use SDL for the threads (as mentioned above) so its a dependency anyway.

The scene graph and logical structure is a complete departure from Irrlicht, we dont use any of their scene functionality other than a camera - all of the vertices, textures, culling, etc., in the engine is handled by us. Irrlicht is much more 3D oriented and it helps to have control over the graphical building blocks. We basically give Irrlicht a bunch of triangles to render (properly batched by texture and culled for screen space of course) and say "render this please" and it handles the last step of interfacing with OpenGL.

Sound is IrrKlang, an Irrlicht extension. The fact that we don't really have source access means investigating some of the sound bugs is trial and error.

Physics is largely Box2D but again there's a lot of glue making that actually work with anything in the sense of a game. In future I think we're going to move away from Box2D as it's been nothing but hassle. Classic does not use Box2D, which is why the physics are very different. The collapse physics in both versions are our separate implementation of verlet physics for optimisation and consistency's sake - that many boxes added as entities would be awful for the network and for performance on both client and server.

Networking is ENet to give us a layer over UDP. The networking model is roughly based on the Quake 3 model with many, many alterations to make it work with a large number of objects. We'd do quite a few things differently here too, given the chance, but neither of us is particularly keen on doing a clean slate reimplementation at this point.

Scripting is Angelscript bound to our internal classes manually (no bindings generator, potentially a bad thing but it works).

For what is worth, the term game engine is nebulous and I feel a lot of people don't quite appreciate the scope of the engine behind KAG. There's 110k odd lines of code (not including comments and blanks) including the scripts now, which is about 40k less than the average during classic development, but still pretty large. The reduction in code size is largely due to refactoring and optimisation efforts but also a result of moving the game into the script files, which allows simpler reuse of logic. You can view about 30% of the KAG source as those .as scripts. Here's the counts from cloc - scripts are shown as actionscript when they're actually angelscript, but counts should still be accurate. This is not counting Irrlicht, SDL, Angelscript or anything like that, this is the KAG engine code.

Understand that that code was largely written by two people (some of it was written by Shadlington and FliesLikeABrick as well, props to them) and that handwaving it as Irrlicht or ENet or Angelscript glued together with a few hours work is pretty ignorant. :^)

What is the KAG coded in?


I can't type, my letters are invisible or appear as weird boxes

Make sure your keyboard layout is set to English.

How do I change the resolution or switch to fullscreen?

When the launcher window shows up click on "Setup". There you can choose if you want to play fullscreen or windowed and also set your resolution. Alternatively you can change these settings by opening “startup_config.cfg” (located in "<KAG Directory>") using a text editor.

How do I change the location of the chatbox?

Join a server or start singleplayer, once ingame, press the [HOME] key. This should bring up the console. Type: /cc_valign 2 press [ENTER] key press [HOME] key again to remove the console Type something to refresh the chatbox. Now your chatbox should have moved to the bottom of the screen. Changing it /cc_valign 0 will move it to the default top of the screen. Alternatively: Open autoconfig.cfg (located in "<KAG Directory>") with a text editor and change the cc_valign to 2.

I'm playing KAG on my Linux system and I hear no sound.

Install “lib32asound2-dev” (ALSA Developer package) by typing sudo apt-get install lib32asound2-dev or just install “lib32asound2-dev” directly from the Software Centre. Note that on some Linux distro's sound is buggy.

My game says it can't load AND/OR my game quits after hitting play

Make sure you're not using a clantag with a `(backtick) or a ; (semicolon) in it. Those currently break KAG. Either redownload kag or replace your total with a file with just one ; in it. This will reset all settings to default. Open (located in "<KAG Directory>\Base\Scripts") with a text editor, delete all lines, add ; and then save.

How do I get rid of the red and blue box?

At times the scoreboard seems to get stuck on your screen. If pressing [TAB] a few times doesn't work, press the Left Mouse Button and the Right Mouse Button at the same time and then press [TAB].

I'm stuck how do I respawn?

Press the escape button and you can either “Commit Suicide” or switch to the same team you were on.

I'm suffering from low FPS

  • Lower the resolution.
  • Change the following lines in the "autoconfig.cfg"-file (located in "<KAG Directory>"):
  • Turn off minimap: sv_showminimap=0;
  • Set the color quality to 16bit: v_bpp=16;
  • Turn off vsync: v_vsync=0;

I see weird wispy clouds on my screenshots taken with [F4]

It's a known bug. These “clouds” are accidentally saved in the alpha channel. Just save the screenshots in “jpg” format or open them with any program that doesn't support alpha channel, like Paint.

“Could not connect to Authentication server, Check your internet connection and try again”

Make sure your computer is set to the correct date. Some people have also reported to have authentication problems when their router's DMZ is configured incorrectly.

ALT Tabbing causes my window to glitch

Restart the game and press ALT+Tab to go back into the game rather then clicking it.

My game crashed. How do I report it?

If you are using Windows, wait for the crash report to finish. Then, click the "What does this report contain?" option and click "Export". Save the file where you can find it easily. The last step is to write an email with the subject "KAG CRASHED", attach the .zip file you saved and send it to support (at)

I am getting a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) when I start the game

Download and run it to see what causes the BSOD. It's probably some outdated driver that you have to update.

Can I make youtube videos of KAG and monetise them?

Yes, you have Transhuman Design's permission to do so.

YouTube permission

General Troubleshooting

If your game does not start up at all, maybe trying one of these methods will solve your problem.

  • Uninstall KAG, delete the entire folder and download and install a clean copy of KAG
  • Disable anti-virus/anti-malware protection software and firewall software (Including Windows firewall). Please note: disable these programs and protection services at your own risk.
  • Disable UAC (Windows Vista/7) Please note: disable this protection service at your own risk.
  • Run as administrator and make sure you have correct user privileges.
  • Disable the overlay feature on certain background programs. (Programs such as Xfire, Mumble, and Ventrillo)