Zombie Fortress

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This page is about an obsolete element of the game.
Information below might not be relevant in the latest game version.

Zombies Icon
Zombie Fortress Game Mode

Zombie Fortress is a solo game mode, available for full members of KAG Classic, in which players attempt to survive in a randomly generated world against a never-ending undead horde. The zombies spawn naturally in randomly generated dungeons and underground expanses, as well as during the night. There are also NPCs which will help you survive the zombie horde. The Single-Player Version was released on March 2nd, 2012, as the developers left for GDC in San Francisco and did not want to delay the release while completing the multiplayer version.

Zombies Features

  • Multiple Undead Classes
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons/Castles
  • Day/Night Cycles

The Undead

Since build version 319, a few Zombies were implemented. Right now there are following types of Zombies:

  • Skeleton: Easiest to kill and only deal half a heart of damage. Skeletons will "stack" on each other or on zombies to get over walls.
  • Basic Zombie: Deals one heart of damage but move slow. The corpse of a killed zombie will resurrect if not destroyed.
  • Wraith: Only enemy able to self destruct. The wraith will fly around until aggravated, after which it will catch fire and explode with the destructive power of a keg.
  • Greg: The only enemy that doesn't hurt you directly. It will pounce on someone and carry him to great heights, before dropping him to his death.
  • Zombie Knight: The toughest undead, able to destroy all blocks. Close quarters combat is not recommended because it is very powerful and has a high health and regeneration rate.
A screenshot of the game-mode. Originally posted from blog

The neutral

  • Migrant: Unarmed survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Recruit them by carrying them to a Quarters and then pressing [E].