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This is not a part of the game
This is coded into the game but not implemented.

Zombie Fortress game mode icon
Zombie Fortress game mode icon

Zombie Fortress or Zombie Fortress Mode (abbreviated as ZFM) was a planned game mode both for singleplayer and multiplayer, intended to be available to all fully-paying members of KAG Classic (back before it was free and known as "KAG Classic"), in which players attempt to survive in a randomly generated world against a never-ending undead horde. It was also planned that there'd be multiple undead classes.

In the end, a work in progress version of the singleplayer variant was released on March 2nd, 2012, as the developers left for GDC in San Francisco and did not want to delay the release while completing the multiplayer version [1]. Note that in this singleplayer form, it is referred to as "Zombie_Survival" (or "zombies") in the KAG Classic code. In the end, the multiplayer Zombie Fortress was never released (though it is commonly modded, both in KAG Classic and KAG Alpha), and the singleplayer version was abandoned.

The "Zombies" spawn naturally in randomly generated dungeons and underground expanses, at Zombie Portals, as well as during the night. There are also NPCs which will help you survive the Zombie horde. The objective is to survive as many days as the player(s) can. Migrants were recruitable unarmed survivors, recruited by carrying them to a Quarters and then pressing [E].

Modding (WIP)

Zombie Fortress got a lot of hype amongst fans, so when the developers stopped working on it,

KAG Alpha