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'''Build 45'''
==Build 45==
Changes 40-45:
Changes 40-45:
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'''Build 40'''
==Build 40==
Changes 39-40:
Changes 39-40:
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'''Build 39'''
==Build 39==
Changes 32-39:
Changes 32-39:
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'''Build 32'''
==Build 32==
Changes build 30-32:
Changes build 30-32:
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'''Build 30'''
==Build 30==
Changes build 28-30:
Changes build 28-30:
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'''Build 28'''
==Build 28==
Changes build 24-28:
Changes build 24-28:
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'''Build 24'''
==Build 24==
<references />
Change build 22-24:
Change build 22-24:

Revision as of 23:47, 2 June 2011

Build 45

Changes 40-45:

  • local games do not register in server list
  • menu is higher when items go under screen
  • fixed missing tutorial display
  • server list can now scroll
  • fixed infinite rock catapult exploit
  • can’t build or fire in break time (temporary fix for server crash)
  • all objects are destroyed on server first (server crash on restart fix)
  • optimized tile rendering speed by 10-20%
  • optimized offscreen particle effects
  • optimized too far sounds
  • fixed generator crash
  • default windowed mode
  • added “chmod +x KAG” to dedicatedserver.sh
  • fixed dead player floating up
  • dead players fall off ladders
  • fixed fall through map
  • new cursors
  • new resources graphics
  • fixed crash after kick on client
  • new title screen & menu colors
  • master servers sends only servers with same build number
  • tutorial poster runs automatically after game installation
  • added icon for shortcuts
  • knight has 1 heart more health [experimental]

Build 40

Changes 39-40:

  • catapult can change rotate according to thrower
  • improved arrow collisions (from circle to line)
  • default score limit is 20% of gold available on map
  • fixed crash on precache (loading controls)
  • fixed player dangling on server after kick
  • fixed bow sound not stopping after death
  • fixed catapult facing wrong direction for red team
  • fixed knight shield
  • fixed gold on map wrongly calculated
  • fixed player sprite not updating when dead
  • return of the ladder bubble
  • mouse aim is farther (to match zoom out view)

Build 39

Changes 32-39:

game rules changed:

  • victory condition: mine or collect 3/4 of the maps gold
  • stash gold in sacks
  • 3 sacks available on start
  • steal sacks and bring them to your tent for score

new map generation code:

  • possible mountains and holes
  • caves
  • stone and gold are more likely to appear around caves and mountains
  • gold appears more as gold veins
  • trees don’t grow on tent
  • added catapult
  • new sack graphics
  • new bomb & explosion graphics
  • new emoticon bubble graphics
  • tent does not fall down
  • sack gold amount displayed on mouse hover
  • player HUD is not visible now when score board is active
  • increased knight radius of attack
  • new castle back build sound
  • tent hit pixels changed to black
  • fixed invisible map bug
  • can’t loot bombs from self & team players
  • fixed knight not dying when bomb explodes in hand
  • typing bubble appears when typing chat or in menu
  • gold sacks & tent are drawn on minimap
  • new stone tiles graphics
  • added map generator config file (“Base/Scripts/generator.cfg”)
  • when not enough resources build tile blinks on HUD
  • on reload map, old map saved to “Maps/previous.png”
  • particle die time randomized

Build 32

Changes build 30-32:

  • added bombs for knight (hold & release [F] key)
  • fixed sprite graphics glitch on older video cards
  • louder bow pull sound
  • increased precision of network object velocities
  • fixed some map collision bugs
  • fixed teleporting inside map
  • optimized collision code
  • fixed arrow map collisions
  • added fast arrow springy sound hit
  • added team emblem graphics on team pick
  • resources on HUD are drawn in multiple rows now
  • available blocks on HUD now drawn in lower part of screen
  • fixed ladder placing not working sometimes
  • fixed readme.txt not auto-updated
  • added map restart command (\restartmap)
  • added map load command (\loadmap [name])
  • added map save command (\savemap [name])
  • added server send message to all players (\msg [text])
  • added vote map restart
  • changed minimap colors
  • dead not displayed on minimap
  • can’t resupply in enemy tent, only change class

Build 30

Changes build 28-30:

  • added kick voting (select in mainmenu [ESC], no [F11] yes [F12])
  • added server kick command (kick [playername] [minutes])
  • player respawns as last selected class
  • sack on back is more visible
  • added tent flag animation
  • tent is now in front of players
  • added variable descriptions in autoconfig.gm
  • all doors placed vertically open when player touches
  • player names forced to be unique
  • fixed holes appearing after loading a map
  • doors require 30 wood & 30 stone (previously 50 each)

Build 28

Changes build 24-28:

  • zoom in/out keys work by tapping now
  • zoom in/out by default is mouse wheel (previously left ctrl/shift)
  • default view is dynamic; follows mouse cursor
  • darker backgrounds
  • health doesn’t decrease client-side (false hits not registered)
  • minimap is more translucent
  • players inside tent are immune
  • fixed cursor displaying on other players
  • fixed map generator getting stuck on small maps
  • optimized sack network updates
  • fixed not being able to connect again after failed connect
  • changed HUD material graphics to tiles
  • trees regrow faster
  • hill height is independent from map height
  • gold tile is more golden
  • fixed empty tiles in ground background
  • tweaked map generation code
  • fixed actor behavior on map borders
  • more shading on backgrounds
  • distant sounds are louder
  • health is restored on class switch
  • archer digging is slower
  • fixed machine gun archer exploit
  • team is auto-assigned on join server
  • fixed map not drawn entirely on smaller resolutions
  • ladder wood usage increased from 2 to 3 (tree block = 10)
  • team chat channel is more obvious now in chat window
  • smoothed continuous building
  • updates download automatically

Build 24

<references /> Change build 22-24:

  • added picking up old arrows
  • start arrows increased to 10
  • arrows can’t be fired immediately
  • archer & knight can now dig in dirt
  • fixed crash near body
  • removed dynamic camera from archer
  • added health display
  • arrow are faster
  • ground acceleration is higher
  • destroying castle walls & doors takes twice the time
  • fixed sack disappearing with dead carrier
  • fixed not being able to pickup sack from dead carrier
  • increased corpse time