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Steam release

Build 2760 (07/11/2018)

Changes from build 2731 to 2760:

  • Misc
[added] knight cursor charge sprite (thanks Andresian!)
[modified] extra no build 1 tile lower as result of #democracy vote (Wiki note - #democracy text/chat channel in the official Discord server)
[modified] dinghy cost (thanks Shy)
[added] registration time to player delta, so it's accessible on both server and client (thanks Furai/MM for bouncing ideas)
[added] Galen head (<3)
[removed] leftover debug print in votecore (thanks Potatobird for the report)
[added] chickens can be stored in inventory (thanks Blubahub)
  • Accolades
[added] accolade-alike badge rendering in scoreboard, based on registration time
[added] new accolades (thanks bunnie)
[added] blue_tiger head, updated homek head
[added] notes for adding accolades to cfg file
[fixed] a few inconsistencies in the accolade data file
[added] new accolades badges
[renamed] Medals_.png -> Badges.png
  • Maps
[modified] gamblersden map; smaller gambling area, less arrow-spam friendly
[removed] 4 ctf maps (thanks potatobird)
- monsterictf1
- monsterictf2
- punk123_cryingdemon
- ej_bluesunset
  • Modding
[modified] contributing help docs, a little extra info/formatting
[added] issues and pull request templates (thanks vik)
[added] code of conduct (thanks vik)
[added] scriptrender transform functions and backface cull functions
[updated] scriptrenderexample with screenspace example and docs for transform functions
[fixed] missing AK_EAT bind
[modified] time functions take/give signed int now (avoids overflow surprises)
[added] input-time versions of time_month/year/monthdate/yeardate
  • Translations
[added] steam store content file for translators (thanks Diprog for nagging)
[updated] russian translation (thanks Diprog)
Update steam_content_ru.txt
Russian: translated Steam content.
Russian: emotes, edits, removed duplicates.

Build 2536 (28/04/2018)

Changes from build 2509 to 2536:

  • Maps
[fixed] maps folder name
[modified] TDM -3 maps, +1 map
  • Localisation
[added] support for votekick menu translation
[added] translation capability and a few minor fixes/improvements to spectator help
[added] placeholder translations to russian translation file for testing gamemode list translation + login window translation
[added] support for esc menu translation
[added] support for translating login window and gamemodes list in server browser
  • Misc
[modified] death zoom faster/less obnoxious with new interpolation
[added] highlighting for useful class items on [C]
[modified] Rename uncapped framerate option to capped framerate
[modified] Improve pickup priorities
[modified] AFK vote-kick renamed to non-participation (we already have automatic afk kick)
[fixed] climbing pass-through structures (such as enemy trapblocks)
[fixed] endless tth games due to teams not capping halls
[modified] properly handle ties in TTH (when neither teams cap a hall)
[fixed] climbing pass-through structures (such as enemy trapblocks)
[modified] slightly optimized pickup logic
[added] more precise pickups when hovering items
[modified] pickup doesn't depend on left/right player facing
[removed] "recently picked up" lists, which led to accidents/items "ignoring" pickups
[modified] reworked pickup priorities
[fixed] removing items from inventories didn't always call hooks properly, leading to incorrectly full inventories
[modified] clarified "All" -> "All Gamemodes" in server browser
[added] config version for updating any defaults in future
  • Modding
[added] net property fused mutator-accessors for micro-optimisation/convenience
full list: add_s8, sub_s8, add_s16, sub_s16, add_s32, sub_s32, add_u8, sub_u8, add_u16, sub_u16, add_u32, sub_u32, add_f32, sub_f32

Build 2509 (01/03/2018)

Changes from build 2416 to 2509:

  • 60FPS Related
[added] uncapped framerate interpolates frames, allowing >30fps (thanks and congrats Asu)
[modified] graphics flash updated on render, changed logic and new time param
[added] interpolation support to many rendered objects
[fixed] various script issues with >30fps
[added] fps diagnostic graph for inspecting render deltatimes /v_deltatime_diag
  • Modding Related
[added] getInterpolationFactor, getRenderDeltaTime, getRenderSmoothDeltaTime, getRenderExactDeltaTime, getRenderApproximateCorrectionFactor functions for enhanced >30fps support in scripts.
[added] CCamera::getInterpolationOffset() bind (for fixing edge-case flickery world->screenspace conversions)
[added] anim_timer to CParticle (thanks Vamist and Mazey for being insistent)
[added] console print with color (thanks Asu and Eluded)
[removed] tile noise variable (watch out tilemap modders)
  • Hosting Related
[added] config variable for customising ban length if a player leaves while frozen (default 30, no ban if set to 0)
[added] disable file sending logs by default, can be changed with g_verbosefilesending
[added] nolauncher option to the dedicatedserver.bat for windows
[modified] some hosting-related properties (port, slots, etc) are now constant at runtime and must be set in the config or command line arguments, to prevent abuse/price tier escalation at shared hosting.
  • Localisation related
[added] changes required for server browser translation
  • Optimisation
[modified] significantly improved client performance with a lot of blobs
[modified] <cmap:update> subtasks are more accurate
[modified] optimized lighting code
[modified] inlined cmap stuff for performance
[modified] optimised flood layers (fire, water)
[modified] optimised image files (thanks Terracraft)
  • Other
[fixed] soft-crash when disabling smooth shader
[fixed] tcpr calling hooks before connection authentication
[removed] many of the Engine namespace functions (thanks for the reminder TFlippy)
[fixed] gramatically incorrect noswears correction (thanks for the reminder Paralogia)
[fixed] irc button goes to thd channel (discord is majority now though)
[modified] bombs in inventory don't kill non-player objects (eg war boats, storages)
[modified] updated TDM, CTF mapcycle.cfg (thanks Panky, Ni, Map Team, Map Authors)
[removed] longboat challenge that caused crashes

Build 2416 (28/11/2017)

Changes from build 2409 to 2416:

[added] blobs inside an inventory skip their scripted doesCollideWithBlob checks and don't collide
[fixed] leak in minimap code + optimised minimap update on nextmap
[fixed] crash with small maps with the minimap on
[fixed] broken emoticon menu on nextmap if it was open
[added] g_forceresolution to deal with bad resolution detection (thanks asu)
[fixed] fade area above map on "closed"/"cave" maps was incorrectly transparent
[fixed] chests and spikes stopped loading from maps (thanks asu)
[added] emote names for custom bindings + new emotes "work"
[modified] some mote emote changes based on feedback - still work to do though!

Build 2409 (21/11/2017)

Changes from build 2388 to 2409:

  • Translations:
[added] (work in progress) menu translation ability
[added] AddGlobalMessageReplacement to handle serverside messages still needing translation clientside
[modified] significantly extended translation capability (Joint KAG dev and RU translation effort)
- see the RU translation json for the probably-most-up-to-date strings
[added] more RU translations (thanks Diprog + RU translation folks)
[added] more FR translations (thanks Asu)
[fixed] TTH TradeItem translation issues
[added] linux dedicated server is forced to EN locale with a warning if it was something different.
This means we can rely on translated strings from server still being in english for re-translation on client (eg descriptions).
  • Performance/Optimisation:
[modified] improved map loading performance (thanks Asu)
[removed] irrlicht enums no one uses/should use anyway (thanks Asu)
[removed] legacy map generation for smaller compiled size and fewer dependencies (thanks Asu)
  • Miscellaneous:
[added] material script and config refactor (thanks Fuzzle)
[added] new profiler (thanks asu)
[updated] cruxiat head
[modified] better/more consistent descriptions in some challenge missions
[modified] Similar matches are prioritized over soft matches (thanks Asu)
[fixed] precache and scripts force reload after disconnect (thanks MM)
[reverted] verra's change from last build (sorry Verra)
- people are suspicious of this change currently so we should run a week or two without it and see if the suspicions hold up.
[added] new emotes to spritesheet (can be used through config file only at this stage, treat these as unfinished and might vanish)
[updated] new discord link (thanks fuzzle, congrats discord folks)
  • Linux/OSX:
[fixed] linux DLC heads and main menu background issues (thanks Asu)
[modified] enabled SSE2 on mac and linux for performance (thanks Asu)
  • Modding Compatibility:
[important] map loading changes are likely to bite anyone with a custom map loader if it's based on BasePNGLoader.
Lowest effort fix would be getting the old BasePNGLoader from github, renaming it to OldPNGLoader and including it in your mod directly.
Better fix would be observing the changes that have been made and applying them to your own loader
PNGLoader::handlePixel's signature is the main change - contact Asu for help in discord if you need it!
Anyone only using should be unaffected though, as nothing has changed there.
[minor] new serialisation for TradeItem in TTH
If you use/abuse the TTH trading system this is something to be careful of
Check the changes to if you want the details.

Build 2388 (01/11/2017)

Changes from build 2374 to 2388:

  • Performance:
[modified] improved mechanisms performance
  • Game:
[modified] pickup priority tweaks, material stack pick-up priority (thanks tru0067)
[added] separate filled bucket to builder shop (costs 10 coin as well as the 10 wood)
[modified] builder and vehicle shop buttons re-arranged for neatness and no gaps
[modified] chat filter uses a config file (thanks asu)
[modified] platform HP decreased
  • Translation:
[modified] rewritten and edited almost all strings in Russian locale (gamemode, tut) (thanks Diprog, Basea, Voxez, Grey Guard)
[added] translation support to most script-side logic (thanks diprog)
[added] translation in client_addToChat & some net events (thanks asu)
[added] proper utf string conversion for cbutton and cgridmenu caption + automatic translation for rendering
[added] rules global message is automatically translated for rendering
  • Maps:
[fixed] Passfest map tent placement (thanks punk123)
  • Fixes:
[fixed] issue #37 on github, only add no build zone to solid tiles below the hall (prevents doorways from being 1 tile offset plus issues with invulnerable doors/traps/etc)
[fixed] KickAFK issue with chat (thanks fuzzle)
[fixed] tutorial and other challenges lighting
[fixed] tutorial mapcycle issue
[fixed] save the princess mode double first map
[fixed] bucket splash spam = laggy server (spammed buckets reduce their own splash counts on each hit) (thanks to discord folks for the report)
[fixed] linux DLC heads and main menu background (thanks asu)
[fixed] client_AddToChat unicode support (thanks asu)
[modified] entity lifetimes code cleaned up (thanks verra)
  • Modding:
[modified] - descriptions are separate variables rather than an array (thanks diprog), inside their own namespace
[added] - one-stop-shop for all costs with loading from-config and default values (thanks diprog)
[added] - rudimentary code for adding sectors over solid tiles, with boilerplate to help with adding sectors over other types of tile
[modified] overriding CGridButton size passed to AddButton no longer has minimum of icon size (ie can force bigger icon into smaller button) - default-sized buttons are still icon-sized)
[added] interface listing can dump constructor names (thanks asu)

Build 2374 (17/10/2017)

Changes from build 2367 to 2374:

  • Maps:
[modified] CTF mapcycle changes: (big thanks to the maps team!)
[added] Asu_DeadPlateau, Mcrifel_Fish, SJD360_Stampede, 8x_Pass_Fest, Skinney_Glitch, SJD360_Paradox, PUNK123_BlockCity
[removed] Cerbero's Rift, ffsff_ClassicWar2, ffsff_SecludedForest, ffsff_UnderhangPit2, Lavaguy678_Meadow, Mazey_Rioter, Potatobird_SharkRomance, Punk123_MemoryLane, Punk123_Hillo, Punk123_AntKing, Punk123_AlienFrogAssault, SJD360_Overdose2, an_obamanation_AlientAntAssault, Punk123_toothgrinderx2, 8x_Fest_Pass, 8x_BBiscuit, Trekobius_DragonsLair, Joiken_CTF2
  • Game:
[modified] [experimental] buckets start filled so they can be used for fire fighting
[modified] KickAFK moves kick-immune players to spectator if they are detected afk (thanks mazey)
  • Translations:
[added] WIP Russian translation (thanks diprog!)
  • Fixes and Tweaks:
[added] script interface dumps individual objects into Objects/ (thanks asu)
[fixed] incredibly long standing minimap bug
  • (rendered overlapping the top edge of the border, offset when fully viewed)
  • (this affected modders more than vanilla - thanks GoldenGuy for the tip off)
[modified] TheDirtySwine head changed to Cruxiat head at mutal request.
[modified] locale selection centred and extended to allow for longer locale labels if needed
[fixed] some "broken" heads in settings menu
[fixed] tips not showing properly (thanks asu)

Build 2311 (15/08/2017)

Changes from build 2303 to 2311:

[merged] PRs #14 and #15 from github; accepted community maps + mapcycle updates
[modified] fixed underground grass in 8x_grounds and ffsff_underhangpit2 maps
[fixed] CTF crashing after a bad map is loaded (still causes other huge problems of course)

Build 1013 (27/Jan/2014)

Changes from build 984 to 1013:

  • Knight Shield Stacking
This is now a physical thing - you need to actually jump onto the guy shielding you. It looks quite funny, like a frantic scramble to get over a wall. This should fix the people shield-flying over the red barrier as well, as they should not be able to jump on top of each other ;^)
  • TDM Spawns
TDM now works with multiple spawn markers. Players will randomly spawn at either of the possible spawns, for a more diverse TDM experience. We’re looking for some nice maps to add to the pool, drop them in the thread if you want them looked at :^)
  • Documentation work
There’s been more work done documenting the CBlob class at - the docs there are almost complete, we’ll be covering the sprite class next. It’s a very slow and exhausting job, so hopefully someone is getting some use out of it! Please leave feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see, we’re kind of shooting in the dark here.
  • Community Sourced Fixes
This build has two community sourced fixes and improvements, one from Verra expanding the functionality, and one from norill fixing mines “randomly” exploding your demolition shop. Thanks guys!
  • Misc Fixes
I’ve also fixed a few miscellaneous bugs, including the misleading join message, which used to read “<Nickname> has joined as <Username>” - it now shows the correct “<Username> has joined as <Nickname>”. Sorry to anyone accused of impersonating as a result of this, I know I have a few times!

Build 998 (11/Jan/2014)

Changes from build 984 to 998:

  • [fixed] soft file-matcher taking similar files from Mods instead of Base
  • [scripting][modified] sounds and textures aren't loaded randomly with filematcher by default
  • [scripting][added] Sprite.PlayRandomSound(filename) for loading random sounds
  • [fixed] crashrpt not attaching logs
  • [added] last script calls to crashrpt
  • [fixed] death cam being too sudden and jerky (Verra's updated

Build 980 (23/Dec/2013)

Changes from build 977 to 980:

  • [added] lavalordtdm2 map
  • [added] security_banflags and security_strictflags to autoconfig, determines what global user flags to ban per server. defaults to griefing, abuse and impersonation for banflags (ie flags that expire) and hacking for strictflags (zero tolerance)
  • [script][added] void CNet::checkPlayerBanflags( const string &in username, const string &in banflags, const string &in strictflags ) for checking ban flags from the API
  • [added] Christmas Hats
  • [added] u_shownames is default now (show all team names without needing hover)
  • [fixed] hover names relying on ismod rather than seclevs
  • [added] name_mouseover_spectator seclev (on for all default seclevs by default)
  • [fixed] spawning on team change (thanks Norill)
  • [modified] 40% votes required for a conclusive votekick
  • [removed] builder "stunlock" when building with enemies nearby
  • [fixed] unfortunate greg scribble
  • [added] show team names option to GUI
  • [added] show minimap button to settings

Build 977 (20/Dec/2013)

Changes from build 963 to 977:

  • [fixed] can't rebind some keys ("black hole" keys on keyboard, particularly R, sorry Ej)
  • [added] clear which keys aren't used any more
  • [added] class icons to scoreboard
  • [script][added] CBlob::SetScoreboardVars(texture, frame, framesize) and CBlob::UnsetScoreboardVars()
  • [added] scripts documentation start (see KAG/Docs/index.html)
  • [modified] doors won't collapse after becoming "stable"
  • [added] added name/username sections to scoreboard
  • [fixed] some console messages with () when same username as character name
  • [script][fixed] CPlayer::isMod() not taking into account red rcon admins
  • [script][added] seclev functions (check Manual/interface/Objects.txt for list)
  • [fixed] server browser game mode list having unaccesible items
  • [fixed] server browser game modes list having empty items
  • [added] seclev aware votekick
  • [added] Quick-Ban feature - hold B and tap F3 over a frozen player to quickly ban them for 24 hours. This is most useful in combination with quick-freeze (F3).
  • [added] new spectator camera (thanks Verra!)
  • [fixed] guard head not showing

Build 963 (06/Dec/2013)

Changes from build 954 to 963:

  • [fixed] saw button not always popping up
  • [modified] potential fix for bug #1213 Lines or "Strokes" in the water - vertex coordinates are offset a little to compensate for ugly scaling/rounding on some graphics cards
  • [fixed] 1303: +1 username bug removing "s" on names
  • [added] Ej "Rasmus" head, congrats
  • [fixed] mook heads are wrong
  • [modified] doors require adjacent solid tile or they collapse in 10 seconds (anti door spam)
  • [added] per-tile description of tiles in builder inventory
  • [modified] saw costs 100 stone as well as the wood cost
  • [added] keys cannot be overlapped and cannot use system keys (tab,chat,function,home)
  • [fixed] debug video recording not saving report after exitting game
  • [fixed] crash in map lighting
  • [fixed] cc_key being overwritten on game start

Build 954 (28/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 947 to 954:

  • [fixed] held non-constructed blocks protecting builder
  • [modified] ignore damage actually ignores all damage now
  • [removed] all old generator files to avoid confusion (+ they dont work)
  • [modified] updated existing tdm maps
  • [added] tdm map from extra/ , The Couldron
  • [added] Bleak Arena map
  • [added] Cramped Castle map
  • [added] MonsteriTDM1 and 2 maps (gratz)
  • [added] upgrade to CrashRpt 1402
  • [added] 30 sec video recording of crashes (run debug.bat on Windows)
  • [added] jackitch and contrary heads, congrats!
  • [modified] renamed 'modded' button to Non-Vanilla
  • [added] popup informing about non-vanilla disabled
  • [modified] Monsteri boat balance changes - longboat costs less for early rushing, warboat only costs (lots of) coin
  • [added] LavalordTDM1 map
  • [fixed] sounds still being calculated and played when volume is set to zero
  • [fixed] loadmap looking for strange files (should work more or less as expected now)
  • [modified] made it clear that loadbitmap shouldn't be used any more
  • [modified] water has nicer edge appearance now, imroves flooding and "waterfalls"
  • [added] pop wheels off catapult or ballista once it's in place
  • [removed] packing catapult into crate
  • [fixed] joining with scripts from previous server

Build 947 (21/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 939 to 947:

  • [modified] votekicking kicks for 30 minutes
  • [fixed] extra spawn immunity when changing class (now it's static spawn immune time, no extension)
  • [modified] RNG only on legolas shot for archers, do normal shots for accuracy.
  • [fixed] freeze continuously gibbing stuff
  • [script][added] void RemoveSectorsAtPosition( Vec2f position, const string& name, const u16 id ) for removing sectors only with specific id
  • [fixed] tree removes flag base no build zone
  • [fixed] too much coins on client (server_DropCoins could be run by client)
  • [dev] removed drop peer dbg msgs
  • [dev] additional move files works on steam only now
  • [modified] potential fix for "ghost" colliding arrows
  • [fixed] under raid war boats and ballistae included in spawn list
  • [dev] more fixes for arrows
  • [modified] flag base puts down bedrock underneath itself
  • [modified] all classes can arrow climb
  • [modified] arrow climb only when holding up, destroys arrows, gives extra jump
  • [modified] very slightly increased archer stun arrow range
  • [fixed] fire arrow not put out by water bomb/arrow
  • [fixed] Space flags (hopefully)
  • [modified] stomp doesn't stun or hurt the stomper
  • [added] boards layer to tunnel
  • [fixed] archer grapple staying attached through tunnel when attached to doors
  • [modified] if someone leaves while getting vote-kicked, they're banned for 30 minutes (as if they were successfully booted)

Build 939 (12/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 935 to 939:

  • [modified] FPS will be higher without uncapped framerate setting
  • [added] rcon admins have red name in players list
  • [fixed] LAN client not authed as admins on join
  • [fixed] kick not banning for 5 mins
  • [added] if you rejoin within 2 mins on a server your stats will be preserved
  • [added] username and character name to votekick menu
  • [fixed] crash when trying to launch solo mode with dedi server running in back
  • [modified] lifted default ping kick threshold
  • [fixed] saw graphical bugs
  • [modified] saw turns off after killing teammate
  • [removed] saw from world.png to prevent confusion
  • [modified] removed a bunch of enet debugging prints that were confusing people (like enet_blah_blah: 15195)
  • [modified] fixed a small leak and a big crash in the servers browser + that annoying deprecated image complaint on opening it
  • [modified] buckets don't stun (about time)
  • [modified] water bombs don't collide with team-mates
  • [script][added] water_stun hitter, use water if you want to put out fire but not stun
  • [added] removing redundant game files when launched from Steam
  • [fixed] being able to join server with client modified scripts
  • [modified] changed words in new Steam player window
  • [fixed] buzzing sounds on Mac/Linux
  • [fixed] saw not showing gib effect on client when teammate sawed
  • [added] confirmation dialogue to votekick
  • [fixed] script kicks not banning
  • [reverted] the last uncapped framerate change
  • [fixed] singleplayer scripts being cleared and not running
  • [modified] vote kick/nextmap has rudimentary anti-spam built in.
  • [removed] redundant sound effect on some sounds
  • [fixed] OSX/Linux crash on some sounds

Build 935 (8/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 932 to 935:

  • [modified] saw doesn't kill team mates (too annoying!)
  • [fixed] can't hit constructed rooms in CTF as builder.
  • [script][added] convenient builder_alwayshit_fragment array for partial name matches (eg "shop" for all shops)
  • [remove] far item destroy button
  • [removed] item arrows in workshops
  • [fixed] texts appearing in front of research menu
  • [modified] renamed peasant/migrant to worker wherever necessary
  • [fixed] crash in minimap on next map
  • [added] the much needed game mode tutorials for Capture the Flag and Take the Halls
  • [fixed] Necromancer not appearing at final map

Public Beta release

Build 932 (5/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 928 to 932:

  • [removed] old manual link from launcher
  • [removed] this is beta red text
  • [removed] console when launching with noconsole command (win32)
  • [added] afk kick reason
  • [modified] votes have possible inconclusive outcome
  • (did not pass, did not fail, no action taken)
  • [fixed] can't click on last row of heads
  • [fixed] player name under hearts on HUD
  • [modified] login/passwords aligned to left in edit boxes
  • [removed] box2d limiter spam
  • [fixed] being able to imposter devs
  • [fixed] old files moved to Base/old
  • [added] message when not logged on Steam
  • [added] console logs for Steam errors
  • [added] materials decay much faster on crowded servers
  • [modified] closing servers browser brings you back to multiplayer tab
  • [fixed] custom heads in singleplayer
  • [added] spawn mats in sandbox
  • [modified] chat and scoreboard colors to less eye bleeding
  • [fixed] kill feed being very long (sometimes)

Build 928 (1/Nov/2013)

Changes from build 926 to 928:

  • CTF Shops now keep their menu open - this is for quick buying, its a bit buggy in how it renders, but you can click multiple times to get multiple bombs now, enjoy!
  • Void Flag Fixed - no more void captures, naughty abusers.
  • Bashing Doors etc Fixed - No more bouncing off structures when shieldbashing.
  • Added Dwarf and Pirate heads - so you can be both kinds of gruff, hairy man, or strong independent woman ;^)
  • Fixed the HUD bug with the screen “freezing” on some computers - if you were plagued by that, enjoy!
  • Inaccesible steam fixes

Build 926 (31/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 921 to 926:

  • [added] 6 new heads + updated some past heads
  • [modified] rearranged heads
  • [added] debug message "box2d limiter breach" to check if this is the source of warping through things
  • [modified] box2d iteration count increased (may have been source of warping through things
  • [modified] kick delay is lower
  • [script][added] binds for void KickPlayer(CPlayer@ player) and void BanPlayer(CPlayer@ player, int time_seconds) with obvious effects (automatically takes seclevs into account)
  • [modified] map files updated by jackitch
  • [added] script exceptions don't halt the engine (debugger removed in release/test)
  • [script][removed] unsafe function config.saveFile(); - use config.saveFile(filename) instead (only saves to KAG/Cache)
  • [modified] clearer mod downloading messages and colors in console
  • [fixed] modded include file scripts not loading properly after download
  • [fixed] /Mods scripts not updating ever again (there's still an issue because they will only update in memory not in the files)
  • [script][added] scripted main menu items
  • [removed] hardcoded vote kick + next map stuff
  • [added] lots of features to the vote nextmap stuff
  • [fixed] builder can build on himself (thanks Verra)
  • [modified] builder must be inside building frame to build new shop
  • [added] some flags to shop for banning building any more things - wip for fixing double-shops
  • [modified] buildings destroy if they are overlapping each other too much
  • [added] can't double build from the same building frame
  • [modified] spawn shield protects from knockback and lasts a little longer (not instantly cancelled)
  • [modified] progress bar is hard-capped to at least one percent to help prevent rendering bugs
  • [added] JTG and Monsteri Sol Badguy twins unique, congrats
  • [added] allowed to change character name with /cl_name in console
  • [modified] more space for player names in scoreboard
  • [fixed] not spawning when username empty and clicked offline
  • [fixed] challenges not progressing on time end

Build 921 (25/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 919 to 921:

  • [added] turning saws on and off
  • [modified] pickup priotities have a few per-class modifiers and de-prioritise corpses a lot
  • [modified] boulders are 35 stone
  • [modified] warboat costs 130 coins, not 150
  • [removed] rayne_liquidate and rayne_flarellbridge1 from default ctf cycle
  • [modified] removed koujimap from default map cycle
  • [added] 2 "templar" heads, one bucket, one egghead, both definitely badass.
  • [added] MonsteriCTF3 map
  • [added] NewTortuga map
  • [added] catapult and ballista convert instantly when sat into
  • [modified] idle/still siege engines don't collide with you
  • [modified] siege engines need a bit more speed before they hurt you
  • [modified] updated felleres map
  • named Fellere_FourRivers.png
  • hopefully less stalemate
  • [fixed] catapult "steals" kills of people shot out of it
  • [fixed] map key binding not visible
  • [fixed] music volume slider not adjusting in real time
  • [fixed] some sound functions still doing processing with zero volume
  • [fixed] wrong menu song used (cut out too early)
  • [script][added] hasTileSolidBlobsNoPlatforms function to omit platforms
  • [fixed] can't build backwall over platforms
  • note, this works like building stone "over" wood, the platforms still prevent building "through" them
  • [added] crate changes team when picked up
  • [fixed] egg makes chomp chomp noise when not eaten
  • [updated] kag icons on windows
  • [fixed] big leak when music slider set to zero, and awful sound when turned up again

Build 919 (23/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 915 to 919:

  • [modified] JTG Map changes:
  • boulder lake map has fewer boulders
  • removed bison from newgetisburgmines map
  • [modified] rearranged ctf mapcycle a little
  • [fixed] crash on null pointer in blobplacement script
  • [modified] kaggen has caves and ruins
  • [fixed] flagbase is not tagged invincible (may be causing it to die by other means)
  • [fixed] kaggen generates trees overlapping ruins
  • [modified] updated fellere valley map
  • [fixed] a few missing default variables in gamemode.cfg - caused crash on omission
  • [modified] sandbox map is kaggen
  • [added] player light radius (set in gamemode.cfg as player_light_radius) returned - default 32, limit 255
  • [fixed] sound glitch on OSX when jumping
  • [added] fire extinguish sound
  • [added] player_light_intensity to gamemode.cfg - range 0 to 255 , default 128
  • [added] kaggen ruins can have wood in them
  • [added] sandbox again
  • [fixed] wierd line through the sky in fast graphics mode
  • [modified] keg gets a team when picked up -> no more keg slashed off your back by friendly knights
  • [modified] coins for building wood blocks decreased to 1
  • [modified] coins for building stone blocks and structures increased to 4
  • [fixed] moving spectator camera uses keybinds for move left right up down instead of hardcoded WASD
  • [modified] floating islands now "allowed" at map design time
  • [added] sandbox uses default png loader
  • [modified] warboat has +50% hp
  • [added] 3 new heads - horse head, diving helmet, alchemist head
  • [added] JTF_FirstBadlands map
  • [added] undercooked egg to quarters for 30c
  • [modified] chicken breeding parameters a little

Build 915 (18/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 912 to 915:

  • [fixed] excessive particle spam from catapult rock
  • [add] coin from killing/hurting siege and vehicles
  • [modified] builder gets coin from building almost everything (ladders and backwall left out)
  • [modified] extra coin for building workshops
  • [modified] standard coin decrease during warmup (/3, rounded down)
  • [added] 2 more JTG maps
  • [modified] catapult can resist 1 bomb arrow (just)
  • [fixed] crash in server
  • [fixed] minimap crash
  • [fixed] nasty loadmap minimap bug
  • [modified] water doesn't treat the bottom of the map as solid - allows waterfalls if you're into that
  • [fixed] dirt backwall going missing sometimes (particularly bad on client!)
  • [added] chat console keeps last channel when you press enter - means you can hit Y once, and then use enter to team chat in the thick of battle
  • [modified] door sprite shows orientation a little better
  • [modified] more cata rock optimisations ... this shouldn't be so hard
  • [added] even fewer particle iterations and better cache performance
  • [modified] rock is even more optimised, avoids a lot of logic on client

Build 912 (15/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 911 to 912:

  • [removed] hurt on collide etc from catapult rock
  • [modified] rock doesn't use collisions (wip)
  • [script][added] bind for Random::getSeed()
  • [script] major change to Vehicle scripts
  • [script] optimized vehicle script to use a structure isntead of properties
  • [fixed] fixed camera on gunner position
  • [modified] config files missing are warnings instead of errors
  • [fixed] chicken == flag mistake on JTG map
  • [modified] cata more effective on roof than wall, but doesn't "pierce" with normal rocks so much

Build 911 (15/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 909 to 911:

  • [modified] snatchmark map
  • [fixed] JTG_NewGetisburgMines map not loading properly
  • [fixed] fake techs in CTF not cleared on next map (note: requires adding to gamemodes where fake techs are used)
  • [added] updated monsteri ctf 2 map
  • [fixed] opening and closing door visually hiding the damage
  • [added] builder cant break door backwall before breaking the door
  • [added] Verrazano unique head (congrats)
  • [added] owl head, dovahkiin helmet, animu ninja head, ushanka, and dragon skull helmet
  • [modified] heads settings box has 6 heads per row instead of 5
  • [modified] catapult cost increased to 80c
  • [modified] bomb arrow one hit kills catapult
  • [modified] no coins on map restart/join game of CTF
  • [modified] particle iterations drastically reduced
  • [modified] maximum particle count reduced
  • [modified] tweak in tutorial
  • [modified] performance optimizations to lighting
  • [modified] some optimizations in scripts

Build 909 (13/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 907 to 909:

  • [added] bomb arrow is rocket launcher - low damage vs actor (2.5 hearts on direct hit), high damage on buildings and vehicles, and explodes on impact - can be used to bomb jump!
  • [fixed] double hitting from bomb arrow explosion
  • [added] drill is much more effective against constructed blocks (heats much slower for castle and wood)
  • [added] ladder has team (and sprite that shows it)
  • [fixed] runner can jump higher off ladders than ground
  • [fixed] scroll of midas (thanks norill)
  • [modified] scroll of midas affects thick stone too
  • [modified] tunnel costs 100 stone 50 wood (no gold)
  • [modified] 3 builder hits to break ladder
  • [modified] block placement is more tolerant
  • [modified] builder aim hitting tiles is "no bullcrap" - will be ported to block placement soon
  • [fixed] chickens breeding infinitely in one space
  • [added] spikes have team coloured layer so now you can tell what team they are on
  • [fixed] first sign in the tutorial not below the player
  • [added] water arrows are 20 coins, fire arrows are 30
  • [modified] water arrows come in stack of 2
  • [added] wip "fake tech" system - allows techs in rules without any research system in place
  • [modified] pickup radius is a bit smaller
  • [removed] restartmap_onlastplayer_disconnect cause it causes crashed (will return once issue is resolved)
  • [added] requirements support "not tech" so that you can prevent double-buying upgrades at different shops
  • [modified] rock spams fewer particles
  • [added] JTG_NewGetisburgMines map
  • [removed] monsteri map 2 from the cycle til it's fixed
  • [added] 3 new maps from community - Fellere_newValleyMap, Skinney_Crypt, Skinney_Typhoon
  • [added] cheaper fake rolling script for applicable objects (only rotates one sprite, does no matrix multiplication)
  • [added] cheaper fake rolling to boulder
  • [added] more expensive fake rolling script only runs on server (rotation deltas are synced anyway)
  • [added] chat colour is from team .cfg file
  • [added] team chat gets asterixes around it * team chat *
  • [modified] keg is 120 coins

Build 907 (11/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 904 to 907:

  • [added] zoom to cheat sheet
  • [removed] motion in fixed camera
  • [modified] keg doesn't take action 2 any more - allows shielding when holding keg.
  • [modified] only 50 coins and no carry over (by default) in CTF - see for config options (should be moved to .cfg file tbh)
  • [added] both "rock" and "stone" are the same predefined gib
  • [added] warning for unknown "predefined" gibs
  • [added] dummy target practice to tutorials
  • [added] added chicken
  • [modified] tweaked parallax backgrounds
  • [modified] double slash is a bit easier to execute
  • [fixed] sign and fireplace in front of player
  • [added] mapcycle can use just directory instead of .cfg (sv_mapcycle = Maps/Challenge/Tutorials)
  • [added] new princess
  • [modified] archer cursor has one more frame (smoother animation) and a better indication of legolas shot ready
  • [modified] esc key icon is more legible (no overlapping glyphs)
  • [fixed] archer aiming cursor-arrow discrepancies
  • [modified] arrow launches slightly higher allowing to shoot easily over 1 block when standing next to it
  • [fixed] various fixes and improvements to tutorials
  • [fixed] typo in tutorials

Build 904 (8/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 899 to 904:

  • [fixed] not loading mod downloaded scripts (still some issues)
  • [modified] tweaks to princess mode
  • [modified] improved bot difficulty
  • [added] shinier title
  • [added] 3 level basics tutorial
  • [fixed] research being in hall in Challenges
  • [added] archer charge cursor

Build 899 (2/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 898 to 899:

  • [fixed] can build on open doors
  • [fixed] cant build on materials
  • [fixed] cant build on fired arrows
  • [modified] knight can dig gold
  • [modified] knight digging dirt stone takes same hits as digging constructed wood
  • [added] 6 stone from digging thick stone
  • [script][added] bind for CMap::isTileThickStone
  • [added] new sky gradient code - along with darker skyline overall for a little less "neon" and eye strain, and lighter night
  • [added] 15 minute day night cycle to default tth again
  • [fixed] archer rope sometimes renders off "to infinity"

Build 898 (1/Oct/2013)

Changes from build 893 to 898:

  • Kegs are more expensive in CTF but tear through structures doors, blocks, etc very effectively due to a few bugfixes there.
  • Fire spreads from doors and platform tiles. This means door cases around the flag are quite a bit less effective, at least with normal wood doors. Kegs are still the ultimate breaching solution though.
  • Knights take 3 hits to break wood tiles instead of 2. We’ll probably allow breaking other “natural” tiles as well, like gold and maybe thick stone, but with more hits and more feedback for each.
  • Archer bow rotates visually to give better indication of charge state. This should help with some of the difficulties people were/are having with the archer.
  • Fixed some camera bugs. There are still a few in, they’ll be fixed as soon as we can manage.
  • Added a ding when hitting something that cant be damaged. This still needs some more filtering added, there are a couple of outliers like seeds and hearts which still ding cheerfully with every hit. This will of course be patched soon.

Build 893 (27/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 890 to 893:

  • [added] automatic mod downloading on join server
  • [fixed] coin drop sounds
  • [script][added] for convenient setting of tilemap flags from script
  • [fixed] wall run on doors and trap blocks
  • [fixed] archer continues to grapple after going through tunnel
  • [modified] smoothened the fixed camera very much
  • [fixed] bugs with flag base sector not being in the right place (doesn't vanish completely any more, but gets much smaller to prevent "flag cases" from being really hard to break)
  • [fixed] doors and trap doors wall running
  • [fixed] idle server pausing broken

Build 890 (24/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 886 to 890:

  • [modified] more cache friendly particle update
  • [added] blob gibs have random timeout - means they vanish in sequence rather than all at once.
  • [added] new base png loader from jackitch
  • [added] some sync to coins drop
  • [fixed] minimap outlines
  • [modified] minimap uses 100% same code for creation and per tile update - fixes consistency issues
  • [modified] water and fire are overlayed on map, not 100% alpha
  • [fixed] water and fire minimap sync on net
  • [fixed] terms of use being tricky
  • [fixed] config files not saving properly (helps reduction broken)
  • [added] further optimizations for helps
  • [added] blinks for helps when they happen
  • [modified] knights can destroy all wood blocks
  • [modified] knight can chop through wood door faster
  • [modified] spikes are destructible by knight
  • [modified] a bit more aggressive beginner mooks
  • [added] reintroduced grain from grain plant as edible food
  • [modified] more respawn time in Princess mode
  • [added] princess mode: on next map you start as previous class
  • [modified] archer AI sometimes stops when retreating
  • [modified] polished the trap level in princess more
  • [fixed] last level of princess mode not appearing
  • [fixed] chat text on hover being unreadable
  • [added] more damage from catapult to stone doors
  • [fixed] fire arrows not showing in air
  • [fixed] camera scrolling when mouse of window
  • [added] kills and scores to challenge
  • [fixed] time highscores formatting in challenges
  • [fixed] slam dunk to saw captures (lol)
  • [added] archer grapple help icon
  • [fixed] fire arrow teleporting to 0,0 on client when hit door
  • [modified] tweaks to improve netcode
  • [fixed] competetive button not pressed from start
  • [added] chomp sound to shark
  • [fixed] password appearing way below browser
  • [added] fire arrow burn time is 5 secs
  • [added] ctf flag returns faster near teamies
  • [added] catapult rocks die from too much smashing
  • [fixed] archer can always get arrows from tent, even if he dies during resupply time
  • [fixed] archer "drops" an arrow at end of legolas
  • [fixed] wierd flag doesn't capture bug
  • [modified] new community maps
  • [added] 7 new heads
  • [fixed] can select invisible heads
  • [fixed] princess03 map having wrongly placed end
  • [fixed] possibly the osx collapse crash
  • [modified] reduced fall damage by half
  • [modified] lowered wave respawn in TTH to 8
  • [added][server] sv_gamemode = TTH switches to WAR automatically
  • [added] specific crate unpack help
  • [added] help message for help messages :p
  • [removed] competetitive/cooperative buttons from servers browser
  • [added] sorting by player count as default in servers browser

Build 886 (20/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 878 to 886:

  • CTF Mode
Obviously this is the big one. Capture the enemy’s flag, take it to one of yours, do that till the enemy is out of flags. Simple stuff. Lots of fun.
  • Coin Operated Workshops
Another big one that I know a lot of classic veterans have been holding out for - CTF sees the return of plinky plonky coins and all the bombs your money can buy. The coin gathering mechanics have changed slightly, but it’s more of the same.
  • KAGGen Map Generator
This was actually done as a demo of a procedural map, but turned out fun enough to include in the CTF map cycle. We’ll be adding more to the creatively-named KAGGen as time goes by, but for now it’s easy to configure, quick, and gives a good example of how to build a map with just code.
  • New Wall Run Controls
This new, easy to perform maneuver lets you get around terrain with much less frustration, while not giving builders as much of a headache and still leaving a lot of room for creative parkour. If you find yourself missing the easy (if counter-intuitive) notch running from classic, you’ll probably like the wall run.

Build 878 (13/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 872 to 878:

  • [modified] set default map cycle to mini challenges for Challenge
  • [modified] out of box config settings are that of Challenges
  • [fixed] unable to cap hall in Challenges
  • [fixed] server browser to use Challenges as coop
  • [removed] archer cam and slightly faster arrow
  • [fixed] arrows sticking to ceiling on Amarok
  • [dev] fixed various issues with loading non-default maps on network
  • [fixed] out of date menuhelp.png
  • [modified] grapple appearance
  • [fixed] builder building on self and teleporting
  • [added] grappling hook help
  • [added] button for Challenges in Solo menu
  • [modified] tweaks to princess mode meta
  • [modified] adjusted arrow speeds (slightly faster mid-pull; even faster load)
  • [added] default suicide icon for kill feed
  • [added] killing bots adds to scores
  • [added] /BaseJeep - an example of a full KAG modification

Build 872 (5/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 870 to 872:

  • [removed] dinghy damage (again, hopefully correct)
  • [re-added] minimap (but wont show for maps smaller than 128 width)
  • [fixed] archer camera twitching on triple arrow shot
  • [modified] some significant delta sending changes/improvements/fixes
  • [modified] smoothed and fixed singelplayer issues
  • [modified] projectiles don't use box2d bullet physics
  • [fixed] camera not set in the middle on join game
  • [fixed] snapping when team member near edge of map
  • [removed] post processing with uncapped framerate (and fixed related bugs)
  • [added] smooth mouse scroll for spectator + swapping team mates RMB/LMB
  • [fixed] bots not doing anything unless they see enemy
  • [fixed] difficult bots double slashing badly
  • [fixed by Furai] typo in console logs when receiving server's list
  • [fixed] builder can't break own workbench

Build 870 (2/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 869 to 870:

  • [fixed] cannot "hit" map blobs with hitinfos
  • [fixed] knight can hit through doors, boats
  • [fixed] archer "jammed" shoot for a while after spawn
  • [fixed] type mismatch in vehicleconvert (spam in console property type wrong)

Build 869 (2/Sep/2013)

Changes from build 866 to 869:

  • [fixed] archer can grapple into red barrier
  • [added][script] red barrier makes a map sector for blobs to read
  • [fixed] knight (and others) hitting through tiles
  • [fixed] archer stays in air when structure/tree collapsed
  • [fixed] gibs load wrong sounds
  • [added] sound file not found warning
  • [modified] archer charge times (a bit faster, but longer ready time)
  • [modified] archer doesn't decharge before legolas shot
  • [fixed] sparkly layer left over when someone dies with an overcharge left
  • [removed] voyager.png from TTH mapcycle by popular demand - maybe it'll be back with changes later.

Build 866 (30/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 847 to 866:

  • Archer changes:
  • Legolas shot, grapple hook, more fragile health among others! Pew pew, swing swing. It’s a whole new feel for the class, and it’s just getting started. We’ll continue tweaking and hopefully adding a bit of power after its had some more thorough public testing!
  • Boat changes:
  • No more bashing team-mates with stolen boats before they convert! Dinghies don’t crush stuff! All sorts of good things.
  • Hall Changes:
  • Halls can be flooded to turn them neutral again! We’re working on a way to work units into the mix, but it didn’t stand up to testing so at the moment it’s turned off.
  • Princess Mode:
  • Currently in a half-finished port between the old huge huge map and the new level format there are some bugs (scores dont save or display properly properly) and some annoying map layout issues that will be fixed asap. Fortunately once the bugs there are ironed out the co-op challenge mode will be ready to rock in multiplayer!
  • Death camera:
  • Also currently work in progress, MM didn’t quite complete it before he left :^( very sorry to those stuck looking at trees over the weekend! We’ll be evaluating weather to keep some form of this or not in the next few days, it will need a lot of changes if it’s to keep though.
  • Drill Changes:
  • Doesn’t work particularly well under water, cools a bit slower, still doesn’t heat up when actually digging materials. This is to encourage using it for breaching and gathering instead of digging under the map for 20 hours in waist high water.
  • Walljump Changes:
  • You can now wall run vertically for quite some distance, and only jump if you aren’t pressing towards the wall. This means overhangs are mandatory on any wall you dont want people getting over, and means getting out of pits and over ledges is much simpler. We’re considering making this a hold jump option (and will be toning down the height you can make with it).
  • Server Browser Changes:
  • The server browser has been pre-emptively split into co-coperative and competitive tabs that sort on gamemode. This will be more relevant once the challenge multiplayer is released.
  • Starter changes:
  • The starter now looks nicer and doesn’t have an inside-out twitter feed.

Build 847 (13/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 844 to 847:

  • [fixed] vaulting is broken
  • [modified] archer fletches 2 arrows from trees etc
  • [modified] moved warboat to its own folder in boats
  • [removed] satchel
  • [fixed] knight can cut tiles he shouldn't be able to
  • [modified] background image for installer
  • [modified] kag.ico has updated knight in it
  • [modified] bombs and water bombs change team when picked up - so you can toss bombs back and damage enemies
  • [fixed] getting out of water
  • [modified] changed jump anims a little
  • [modified] a bunch of war maps have more bedrock now as temp measure vs extremeterrain erosion
  • [modified] updated PNG loader to include everything again (thanks jackitch)
  • [modified] boats make much more damage when hitting enemies from all angles
  • [added] attached vehicles convert too on capture
  • [fixed] archer climbing trees newly grown trees on network
  • [modified] easier to get out of water against wall
  • [added] shield sliding (point mouse down and use shield while dropping at high speed)
  • [added] visual indicator of vehicle capture
  • [added] logs can be used as catapult ammo against infantry
  • [removed] debug mode from regular players
  • [fixed] crates not unpacking in water and on boats
  • [fixed] autoupdate_ignore_custom.cfg (1231)
  • [fixed] able to log into someone elses account on a shared PC (1232)
  • [fixed] mine goes through doors
  • [added] shark chomp anim
  • [added] getDistanceTo(CBlob@ other) in CBlob

Build 844 (9/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 840 to 844:

  • [fixed] trampoline not bouncing objects online
  • [fixed] server crash for real now
  • [fixed] possible to cross red barrier in vehicle
  • [fixed] chat colors in console
  • [fixed] hitinfos missing some times, need to optimise a lot though
  • [modified] trees no longer hurt players when they fall on them
  • [modified] trees hit ground earlier to prevent logs jammed in walls etc.
  • [added] tags for things that block knight attacks instead of some obscure check - fixed #1096
  • [modified] knights can break dirt without having cursor too close
  • [modified] back ladder zone on warboat is visible
  • [fixed] knight can attack through doors/traps
  • [modified] fixed water not going to the edge of the map
  • [modified] satchel sprite to be less like bread, needs complete overhaul
  • [added] behind when attached script for blobs to appear behind parent when attached
  • [modified] bomb, satchel, keg appear behind character at shoulder (like classic)
  • [modified] keg fuse is easier to see
  • [added] autoupdate_ignore_custom.cfg to default installation
  • [modified] water bomb behind when attached too
  • [added] more smoke effects when stone and wood destructed
  • [modified] pick spawn menu is in lower part of screen
  • [modified] pick spawn menu vanishes after clicking
  • [fixed] server LAG warnings not appearing in console
  • [modified] trampolines are much better for construction and still allow big jumps, might need TDM maps etc modified though.
  • [modified] trampolines have controlled height - press down for less bounce up for more.
  • [fixed] annoying knight bombs changing when you still have some of the currently selected one
  • [modified] chatcommon can summon scrolls with names that have spaces
  • [fixed] incorrectly handled non-truncated links from twitter - launcher bug

Build 840 (6/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 837 to 840:

  • [fixed] trader material exchange
  • [modiifed] boats more reliably destruct doors
  • [fixed] spectator chat not being gray
  • [modified] blademire ridge has smaller distances between halls and is less jagged
  • [modified] more map tweaks and shortening
  • [modified] most maps have shorter water and distance to halls
  • [modified] shark and bison regens a bit longer
  • [added] EarthMoving WAR map
  • [modified] jungle map has lower halls, is smaller, has 2 underground halls (total 5)
  • [added] new map Voyager to WAR mapcycle
  • [added] first team hall added on WAR map has research
  • [fixed] reverted knight animation optimisation stuff, hopefully fixed "stuck" wallsliding anim
  • [fixed] infinite walljumping while shieldgliding
  • [modified] dinghy can be picked up when not on map if it's out of the water
  • [modified] cant pickup dinghy with someone in it
  • [modified] cant pickup dinghy unless its touching the map (ie at side of lake or on ground)
  • [modified] warboat ladder area now visible on sprite
  • [fixed] boulder breaking bedrock/other natural tiles
  • [modified] cant climb on held ladders (too many issues)

Build 837 (3/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 836 to 837:

  • [fixed] flooding in murkshire hills
  • [modified] autoupdate occurs before reading the news
  • [modified] knight super slash throws like regular slash
  • [modified] knight movement with sword is less slow (fixed old code)
  • [modified] double slash movement less restricted - allows lots of parkour
  • [modified] archers slightly faster while drawing arrow (0.7 slow instead of 0.6)
  • [removed] almost all slowness in air
  • [fixed] infinite walljumping

Build 836 (2/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 835 to 836:

  • [modified] increase bomb tech time and decreased pyro tech time
  • [modified] boats now have specific icons in minimap
  • [fixed] boat sprite goes skew when turning around and probably more related bugs
  • [fixed] fall damage and sounds
  • [fixed] stomping
  • [fixed] other issues because of getVelocity() fix in scripts
  • [added] keg explodes on impact when lit and launched from cata
  • [modified] lowered warmup mats a bit
  • [fixed] other builders not auto-picking dropped builder mats
  • [removed] trading mats for gold in TTH
  • [modified] boats dont collide with mats
  • [modified] faster decaying
  • LOTS of optimizations in scripts, physics and network code performance.

Build 835 (1/Aug/2013)

Changes from build 834 to 835:

  • [modified] necromancer orbs more dangerous
  • [modified] challenge level bugs fixed
  • [fixed] arrow does only 0.5 damage or sometimes none, and sometimes misses shield
  • [added] special case ignore parent facing code for layers that shouldn’t turn when parent sprite turns
  • [fixed] arrow turns wrong way when shot blob turns around
  • [modified] stun from arrows only when they’re full charge (less flinch from weak arrows)
  • [fixed] cata rocks doing piss weak damage
  • [fixed] workbench expiring in 2 seconds
  • [modified] trees dont clip tilemap so much (or at least look nicer while doing it, and provide more places to hide)
  • [fixed] walljump fumbling
  • [fixed] building spikes in no build zone
  • [script] fixed crash in sprite onTick when blob had an error
  • [modified] faster hall capture in single
  • [modified] hopefully better boat collisions
  • [added] easier access to warboat rear
  • [fixed] bomb destroying bedrock
  • [added] camera centers to middle ofmap on map change
  • [modified] reshuffled default map cycle
  • [fixed] unable to pack catapult
  • [modified] can’t pack catapult with ppl inside of it
  • [fixed] drill sound in inventory

Build 834 (31/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 830 to 834:

  • [fixed] twitter feed messages ignoring escapes like '
  • [fixed] spikes stacking
  • [fixed] saw animation
  • [fixed] mounted bow cant shoot backwards on vehicle
  • [modified] arrows smash into smaller gibs rather than big wood ones
  • [fixed] gib randomisation sucks
  • [fixed] mounted bow jitter in 2 high spaces
  • [fixed] saw rotation inconsistencies
  • [added] way funnier princess name >:^)
  • [modified] warboat hp buffed +50%
  • [modified] bombs can go through 1x1 holes again
  • [fixed] water bombs collide with people again
  • [fixed] bombs dont go through shielded enemies now (makes it easier to bombjump enemy bombs reactively)
  • [modified] single player section quite a bit, necromancer section is a little harder but more straightforward
  • [fixed] support issues when building on doors
  • [fixed] trap blocks not destructing when fallen on trap blocks
  • [added] trap block gibs
  • [fixed] flying when suicide
  • [removed] put in backpack help text
  • [fixed] help texts wrapping counter and showing again after some time
  • [fixed] can’t destroy blocks where ladder is
  • [fixed] ladder water leak
  • [fixed] not being able to destroy block under ladder
  • [modified] hall class change and factory buttons are unavaiable unless you are inside the room
  • [fixed] can access hall inventory as other team
  • [modified] hall buttons except research dont work from outside (so you can still vote when far away)
  • [modified] stronger longboat
  • [added] saw scroll to trader
  • [fixed] door collapses sometimes not happening
  • [fixed] spikes invisible bug
  • [modified] spikes more visible when retracted
  • [modified] spikes do 0.5 damage
  • [modified] spikes auto-restab (dont get trapped in spike pit)
  • [modified] spikes have delay on their stab
  • [modified] challenge map some more

Build 830 (27/Jul/2013)

  • First Public Beta release (build 830 made public)

Silent Beta release

Build 830 (27/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 827 to 830:

  • [fixed] game mode wierdness in browser
  • [fixed] player chat not appearing when dead
  • [fixed] chat text overlapping to the right
  • [modified] ATTACK/DEFEND signs disappear after 10 secs after respawn
  • [fixed] knight shield not going down from mounted bow
  • [modified] bread to be a burger (graphic was too similar to satchel)
  • [fixed] stuff falling our of corpses
  • [modified] keg can't be put into inventory
  • [script] added shape.checkCollisionsAgain to check collisions once again - fixes corpses sticking and boulder traps not falling
  • [modified] more burgers
  • [added] knights can damage doors and platforms
  • [modified] wooden doors are a bit more resistant to bombs
  • [modified] new players join in nearest hall not at edge
  • [modified] improved knight dirt digging
  • [added] knight can destroy broken/cracked wood tiles
  • [modified] builder hitting is 200x better
  • [fixed] vehicle name always appearing when riding it
  • [fixed] anims getting frozen on (removed wallsliding anims)
  • [script][fixed] blob.setVelocity( blob.getVelocity() );
  • [fixed] drill can drill no build zone
  • [fixed] "minty" tears caused by wrong team specified for emote bubble sprite
  • [modified] saw has team colour
  • [added] saw is only pickable from underneath if you are enemy

Build 827 (24/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 825 to 827:

  • [modified] renamed WAR to Take The Halls
  • [modified] halls take twice as long to capture
  • [added] very frequent supplies shipment during warmup
  • [modified] increased warmup to 4 mins
  • [added] game mode and server name display on join game
  • [removed] collision with platforms for boats
  • [fixed] trader buy help
  • [fixed] hall pick menu staying after team change
  • [fixed] menu windows title position
  • [fixed] modded and passworded buttons appearance in server browser
  • [removed] buggy migrant screaming
  • [fixed] 2 same types of help messages appearing
  • [modified] trader isn't invincible when not on post
  • [modified] can't build under trading post
  • [added] Q button to help image

Build 825 (22/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 813 to 825:

  • DRM single player
  • lots of scripts optimizations to increase server performance
  • improved spikes collision
  • possible to avoid spikes retracting when moving very very slowly
  • trap blocks open trap blocks above them - eg. can build ceiling traps with boulder
  • fixed platforms and materials taking jab/slash damage
  • new help image in ESC menu
  • lots of tweaks to help messages (F1)
  • minimap dissapears on mouse hover
  • trader is invincible (just a temporary solution)
  • bison AI fixed a lot (he still jumps insanely though)
  • added health bars to shark and bison
  • boulder crushes when on top of player

Build 813 (10/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 808 to 813:

  • can pick spawn point while waiting for respawn
  • fixed twitter feed in launcher
  • it says "no spawns available" available instead of "respawning in..." when no halls
  • fixed archer arrow selection
  • added fire emoticon
  • fixed duplicating wood on workshop build

Build 808 (5/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 806 to 808:

  • [modified] factory can have tech set by anyone (really annoying when you're knight and builder didn't finish the job)
  • [fixed] a few issues with bomb arrow stick
  • [fixed] pause in menu in singleplayer
  • [fixed] not able to build backwall on some objects
  • [added] bomb arrows stick in visually
  • [added] archer can detach bomb arrow with knife
  • [fixed] bomb arrow hitting bomb resets bomb timer
  • [modified] bomb only collides with shielding enemy knights, less "OMG" acciental griefing
  • [modified] can carry less ammo - especially for special ammos (spam/ammo hog reduction).
  • [added] Arcrave's bombjumping
  • [fixed] hilarious/idiot scoreboard getting frozen on screen then bugged gone forever
  • [fixed] mine doesn't collide with door
  • [removed] underwater sound effects (lags for some ppl)
  • [added] keg explosion is thicker and meatier
  • [added] keg explosion dominates even stone doors
  • [modified] drill is more expensive and less durable
  • [modified] trap is a bit more expensive
  • [fixed] vehicles unpacking in the air
  • [modified] crises map a little
  • [fixed] knight firing bomb when something in hands and Space pressed
  • [modified] picking up bomb will set that for knight
  • [dev] tweaks to pickup
  • [fixed] warboat mast climbing
  • [added] corpses don't collide with arrows and dont interfer with building
  • [modified] tweaked priority pickups
  • [dev] cursors back in videorecording mode
  • [fixed] possible bug for workshops not producing on client
  • [added] scroll of carnage and drought to trader
  • [fixed] scroll with drill not working in hall
  • [fixed] hall helps overlapping GUI
  • [removed] factories from GUI
  • [added] missing derp and note emoticons
  • [modified] hall underwater captures fast
  • [added] bomb doesn't damage dirt tiles as much
  • [fixed] accidental archer
  • [fixed] dead migrant wasn't replaced until it gibs or decays (also known as lazy human resources department)
  • [modified] way ballista collides with map (no more warping through)
  • [fixed] red barrier after game end
  • [added] bomb kills you if it goes off in your pocket

Build 806 (3/Jul/2013)

Changes from build 800 to 806:

  • Red square
  • The fabled red square of yore is back to give some much needed breathing time at the start of matches. We know this will dampen the spirit of a few rushers, but we think most will agree that the game ending in the first 30 seconds due to a stray knight capturing the first hall is pretty annoying.​
  • Support is back
  • Hooray!​
  • Michal mentioned some changes to it so I'm not really sure what the skybridging situation will be, I'm sure it'll be better than wood tiles all the way across the sky though.​
  • We're looking into a system based on the thickness of the building as well, but it didn't get finished for tonight.​
  • Ballista changes
  • Ballista bolts do less damage now. Their collision with terrain is kinda janky, that will be fixed soon.​
  • Explosive bolts are more like a shaped charge than a mini keg.​
  • We're thinking about making them stationary when firing, so they'd either be a packed mobile spawnpoint or an unpacked spawn and artillery unit​
  • Spikes changes
  • Spikes will only retract if they're built on stone blocks. They're also more expensive. This should make them more of an asset and less of something you want to FILL THE FIELDS with, as well as much more expensive to maintain away from the base.​
  • Tech tree overhaul
  • Two separate branches with a few choices for simpler voting and display and less unpredictable meta​
  • Random weighting upon match start so the same items dont happen every single game - voting overrides this weighting so you still have control over what you research.​
  • Minimap Tweaks
  • Dead guys dont show up on the minimap.​
  • Out of screen halls have some special behaviour so you can see if its under raid.​
  • Out of screen unimportant entities dont stick to the edge of the minimap.​
  • Ballistae and War boats have a little flag icon on minimap. We might make specific icons for all vehicles in the future, for now just knowing where spawns are is important.​
  • Scripting API for the minimap stuff has got some more options now​
  • War boat tweaks
  • The inside of the warboat has a ladder now so you can get over the thing with 30 tries.​
  • Pointing animations and taunts
  • The pointing animations when performing emotes are back, with a slight twist​
  • The builder has flex taunts instead of points, so you can flex while you flex (or 2525).​
  • Archer has a pointing anim with a bit of camp flair. I think this will annoy some people, but I also think those people take themselves too seriously.​
  • Knight point anims are largely unchanged so you can still spin your sword right round baby right round.​
  • Misc Fixes and Tweaks
  • The game should have fewer script crashes, and a few minor gameplay things have happened.​
  • Something to note is a bomb in your pocket will now (rightly) kill you instead of helping you reach new heights. Be advised.​

Build 800 (28/Jun/2013)

Changes from build 781 to 800:

  • [fixed] vehicle layers do a wild flip the first frame after turning around
  • [modified] ballista is rather huge
  • [modified] ballista bolt sprite less ugly
  • [added] flag to ballista (same as war boat)
  • [added] ballista is spawn and change class
  • [modified] archer and arrow sprites - work in progress, will need tweaks :)
  • [fixed] migrant cant open door
  • [fixed] knight picks up burning satchel (hilarious bug)
  • [modified] moved crate up in pickup priority
  • [fixed] warboat missing from factory on some occasions and magic scroll in there
  • [fixed] arrows not colliding with mines
  • [modified] cheaper dinghy
  • [modified] first tech takes time
  • [modified] a bit faster mounted bow
  • [modified] menus close by default click outside window
  • [modified] drill can drill everything except team stuff
  • [modified] heart fall out probability is 3/4
  • [modified] if player has food/bread his heart doesn't fall out
  • [added] re-packing catapult into crate
  • [fixed] some research paths not searched
  • [modified] water doesn't stun team players
  • [fixed] annoying sound when someone else tries to build in no build zone
  • [fixed] research didn't care if it repeated items that weren't voted on.
  • [modified] satchel and fire arrows don't burn stuff near team buildings and doors
  • [modified] removed redundant scrolls from trader and rearranged a bit
  • [fixed] archer controls cancelling shots when they shouldn't
  • [modified] reduced burn time for players (not other objects)
  • [modified] tech tree
  • [added] clearer path indication in research
  • [added] hall capture point / spawn / class change / migrant dorm
  • [modified] added minimap / moved chat console
  • [added] neutral capturable hall
  • [fixed] fishy flipping being buggy/stupid (was annoying me)
  • [added] hall has storage and research
  • [modified] builder builds workshops not buildings
  • [added] new war hud
  • [added] water and fire to minimap
  • [modiifed] smoother catapult movement
  • [fixed] halls not sorted in hud
  • [fixed] research techs not working for items
  • [modified] chat console to the right
  • [modified] cata and ballista stronger
  • [fixed] arrows going thru cata and ballista
  • [fixed] hall taking damage
  • [modified] taking stuff out of inv goes into inv
  • [added] fade out on hover chat
  • [modified] enemies are visible on HUD unless hidden in darkness
  • [modified] enemy players dont appear on HUD
  • [modified] look of hover player text
  • [fixed] reusing scroll
  • [added] working hall capture win condition
  • [script] new onBlobChangeTeam onBlobDie rules hook
  • [fixed] scripts with errors having error even after recompiling on client
  • [added] hall gives spawn mats
  • [fixed] capture hall team change sync
  • [modified] better vehicle capture
  • [modified] ballista doesn't show change class near another spawn
  • [dev] neutral stuff doesn't show on minimap
  • [dev] M key is a toggle for minimap
  • [added] using team storage resources is explained in workbench
  • [modified] spawn time and shipment time are multiplied by player counts (less players - faster)
  • [added] inventory shows full sign
  • [modified] materials can stack
  • [dev] adjusted HUD to work with mat stacks
  • [modified] arrows destroy ladders
  • [modified] support requirement is practically removed
  • [modified] ladders are stronger
  • [fixed] door not opening bug?
  • [modified] mounted bow arrows are fast but desintegrate fast
  • [modified] mounted bow arrows knock knight shields
  • [modified] moved boulder into workbench
  • [added] retracting spike traps (!!!)
  • [added] hover message for stuff added to inventory and kills (thanks Splittingred)
  • [added] hall workers
  • [disabled] migrant collisions
  • [disabled] migrant brain
  • [added] factory powered by claimed migrants
  • [added] hall spawns migrants inside self
  • [added] migrants work in factories and are passed between factories when one is destroyed
  • [added] minimap appearance setup function for use in onInit
  • [added] MinimapIcons.png
  • [modified] minimap rendering system
  • [added] default icon for runner
  • [added] icon for hall
  • [fixed] offset issue in hud
  • [removed] all lame drowning stuff
  • [modified] bison is more aggressive
  • [modified] bison and shark regen slower
  • [added] not picking any block will remove build mode
  • [added] help lines for building
  • [added] if can't build on blob or sector it shows
  • [modified] builder help lines show only when pressed button
  • [added] saws destroy other saws (fixes multiple saws together causing crashes)
  • [added] migrants flee from factories and are properly "disowned" by their factories
  • [added] peasant says "hellow" on moving to factory - super important
  • [added] peasant decays when outside owner building and not static
  • [added] new hall capturing based on time + GUI for it
  • [fixed] migrants go completely awry when scared out of a factory
  • [fixed] annoying sound and red area shown when building back walls
  • [modified] teamless migrants don't do anything
  • [modified] converted migrants calm down
  • [fixed] factory startingproduction sound when no tech picked
  • [removed] builder cycling blocks with F
  • [fixed] starting with backwall as builder
  • [removed] stacking gold in trading shop
  • [fixed] spikes retracting on teamy
  • [dev] some build block req text fixes
  • [removed] migrant minimap icon
  • [fixed] migrants + saw = bad news, a bit of a hack though
  • [fixed] migrant forever stun
  • [fixed] migrant respawn too early - requires migrant to be calm for 10s
  • [fixed] migrants dont go back to factories after being spooked
  • [fixed] "this vel" spam in arrow
  • [added] WIP better help texts
  • [fixed] bugs in migrants updating at hall fix (order of operations...)
  • [added] migrant random facing
  • [fixed] potential divide by zero crash in juxta hud
  • [added] work to migrants to make them actually die instead of exploding to spontaneous meat
  • [fixed] migrant corpses count as "able workers"
  • [fixed] needs checking: worker-workshop double-claim issue
  • [modified] trampoline starts unpacked
  • [added] return of the kill log
  • [modified] on spawn you only get ammo if already made in workshop
  • [fixed] hall radius check being on some stupid gigantic distance
  • [removed] a lot of hall update logic on client
  • [added] neutral hall converts instantly
  • [fixed] cannot capture hall cause of migrants
  • [fixed] spawning in halls
  • [added] light to all buildings
  • [added] more self damage from bomb arrows
  • [added] health bar to vehicles
  • [modified] shipments only bring wood
  • [fixed] fix for large width blobs on client
  • [fixed] ammo not taken from factories on warboat
  • [added] better explanation of research
  • [fixed] migrants pickable when static/in hall
  • [fixed] migrants taking too long to go static or respawn (now 1 second)
  • [modified] improvements to tech tree + added temp bakery for healing / mil supplies = bomb + arrow
  • [added] migrants are scared of animals
  • [added] new nicer help msgs
  • [fixed] trampoline is 1px above ground
  • [modified] migrant will still show dead anim if frozen
  • [added] simple ATTACK/DEFEND tasks on Hall
  • [fixed] can't place block on workshop roof
  • [fixed] can get by tunnel to raided hall
  • [fixed] research notifications
  • [fixed] neon player board
  • [modified] drill fits in inventory
  • [modified] tweaks to tech tree
  • [modified] drill does NOT get hot when drilling stone or gold veins (allows collecting mats quickly)
  • [added] extended no build zone for the hall floor
  • [fixed] neutral hall researching
  • [modified] hovering on researched item doesn't highlight it

Build 781 (11/Jun/2013)

Changes from build 780 to 781:

  • [fixed] player spawning elsewhere than at edge on join game
  • [modified] keg doesn't blast downwards
  • [fixed] ladder eating away mats when placing background wall
  • [added] time threshold for team balance (to prevent poor MM playing as builder from being balanced)
  • [modified] migrants won't spawn when there is a raid
  • [modified] dorm has twice less health
  • [modified] drowning doesn't force you down until the very very end; you can swim longer without speed penalty; dying is faster
  • [added] fire extinguish sounds for fire arrow extinguished
  • [modified] fire arrows bounce off shield
  • [added] knight can protect themselves from fire with shield
  • [fixed] can't unpack crate on no build zones
  • [added] cycling knight bombs with tapping F
  • [added] cycling building blocks with tapping F
  • [added] archer arrow cycling with F
  • [modified] bomb arrows deflect from shields
  • [removed] arrows sticking in shield
  • [modified] swapped barracks and military supplies tech
  • [modified] factory requires 1 dorm to work
  • [modified] mine can't be picked up by enemies; priming time lower
  • [fixed] dinghy, barracks tech requirement description
  • [fixed] sandbox fixed scrolls and research
  • [dev] better ladder fly bug hack fix
  • [added] fire anim to dorm
  • [added] female migrant
  • [fixed] fly ladder bug (hack)

Build 780 (10/Jun/2013)

Changes from build 762 to 780:

  • Dorms
  • are built for a migrant / worker to live in them. Migrants are now basically a resource which factories work on. One factory requires 2 dorms with migrants in them. Dorms are also spawns. So if you build a dorm on the frontline, somebody can spawn inside it. It has a limit to the number of spawns however, so you must build more for more people to spawn in the area. Dorms also heal like quarters in classic.
  • Research
  • there is one research room per-team. Defend it at all costs. Use [E] to vote on the techs you want to get. Not all of them will be research so make smart decisions! The progression of the tree is a WORK IN PROGRESS! It might change.
  • Factory
  • doesn't require scroll, it just needs tech unlocked in Research Room.
  • Trading posts
  • still remain on the map. You can still buy tech scrolls for gold and put them in research room. This is a secondary route you can take if your team didn't research a certain technology. Prices are much higher, but there is an additional possibility of exchanging wood/stone for gold
  • Warboat
  • is now a moving base. you can spawn in them and change class.
  • Win condition
  • a team loses if their population (migrants + players) goes down to zero and the enemy takes their land. You can see the population counter on HUD and "UNDER ATTACK" when they are on your land.

And many more changes for which there's no public changelog.

Build 762 (24/May/2013)

Changes from build 758 to 762:

  • [fixed] splashes not happening sometimes
  • [added] fast fatigue and drowning in water
  • [added] possibility to save drowners (touch->grab->bring to safety)
  • [modified] slower dinghy
  • [added] not modded servers filter is on by default (for noobs)
  • [added] modded server filtering
  • [modified] defaulted file reloader vars are 0 by default (test if this affects performance)
  • [fixed] dubstep longboat
  • [modified] boat hit stuff force / also doesn't hit materials
  • [modified] improved water splash effects
  • [fixed] workbench anti-spam bugs
  • [fixed][script] some warnings in and
  • [fixed] 0001118: Take Stuff Out Of Storage From Far Away
  • [fixed] 0001121: Game Crash when going from one crate to the other while holding C
  • [script] scripts cannot get any engine dead or net killed objects
  • [fixed] get inside icon not appearing on empty crate
  • [fixed] boat hitting and hurting team players
  • [fixed] beep playing for all when anti-spam in workbench
  • [fixed] stone technology not being team based
  • [fixed] shark being a feather and flying away on boat hit
  • [fixed] cake not having cake icon
  • [modified] warmiddleisland map to have a proper big middle island
  • [modified] WAR spawn times increase if killed near map edge
  • [modified] WAR spawn times increase if all barracks destroyed
  • [fixed] trader menus appearing empty sometimes on map change
  • [added] stone construction technology scroll for building stone stuff
  • [fixed] empty strings going into chat/console history
  • [fixed] Siege Weaponry can be detached from boats (1105)
  • [modified] kegs and bombs bounce less so they dont suck when throwing at a wall
  • [fixed] admin collapse messages
  • [fixed] drill not assigning kills to owner
  • [fixed] buttons of destroyed objects still remaining (1049)
  • [fixed] able to team kill with boulders and dinghies
  • [fixed] archers can't make arrows out of trees in certain positions (1091)
  • [modified] less range for archer stab, slightly faster
  • [fixed] When scrolling down the disclaimer, the text will stop at "NO WARRANTY" (1110)
  • [fixed] Trap blocks do not stop light (1113)
  • [fixed] can ride shark while being in crate (1116)
  • [fixed] warboat water sounds and splashes
  • [added] knight sword attack distance is dependent on speed and direction of jab/slash
  • [modified] can steer shark a bit while riding him
  • [added] riding shark onto surface will result in picking the shark in hands
  • [added] action2 (RMB) cancels archer arrow charge
  • [fixed] vehicle bullets not counting as player kills
  • [added] bison
  • [script] refactored some aquatic animal scripts to use with land animals
  • [fixed] Workbench will fit in three tile space but a block on either side will not be able to be mined (1087)
  • [fixed] tooltips appearing for unreachable objects (1079)
  • [modified][fixed] can't put crate in another crate now
  • [fixed] being able to use scripts from previous modded server
  • [fixed] not being able ride shark in water
  • [added] crate with building icons
  • [fixed] being able to turn warboat singlehandedly
  • [modified] builder doesnt get gold on spawn
  • [modified] builder inventory icon less ugly
  • [fixed] workbench taking mats but not building (for real now)
  • [added] anti-spam for building/buying too much stuff in the same place

Build 758 (17/May/2013)

Changes from build 753 to 758:

  • [modified] added custom frames for scrolls
  • [modified] pickup is dependent on mouse cursor distance to picked object
  • [modified] the highlighted object is the one that is gonna get picked up
  • [fixed] aim cursor not appearing when in gunner seat
  • [fixed] ballista aiming animation not showing when pressed fire
  • [fixed] ballista bolt sprite direction
  • [modifed] boats destroy doors and blocks easily
  • [added] greetings texts in Sandbox and Skirmish
  • [modified] dinghy pickup offset
  • [fixed] not being able to fill bucket after 1 or 2 splashes (1099)
  • [fixed] selecting block too fast results in no selection (1106)
  • [added] crates use factory/scroll icon
  • [fixed][script] not being able to setframe of object if has no anims
  • [added] spawn immunity in TDM for 3 secs when on spawn
  • [fixed] crate collision lameness
  • [fixed] 1056 crate falls through most things
  • [script] new Rules hook "f32 onPlayerTakeDamage( CRules@ this, CPlayer@ victim, CPlayer@ attacker, f32 DamageScale )"
  • [modified] TDM: coins are given for damage
  • [modified] decreased arrow pack amount to 20
  • [fixed] losing inventory on class change in TDM
  • [modified] TDM time limit increased to 3 mins
  • [fixed] trader animation wrong when dead
  • [fixed] being able to get inside vehicle/bow that was carried
  • [fixed] able to buy from trader when he is dead
  • [fixed] space cancels building blob
  • [modified] sprite lighting to be black at night
  • [fixed] rcon %s crash
  • [fixed] builder anim overrides fire anim
  • [fixed] fire anim z offset
  • [added] working billboard layer for factory
  • [added] action3 [SPACE] eats food in inventory or hands
  • [fixed] satchel help apearing for all
  • [added] can press space to activate inventory objects (minikeg, eat food)
  • [added] shark riding
  • [added] scrolls go out of stock for 10 mins when bought
  • [modified] all TDM maps include trading shops
  • [modified] full power arrow doesn't knock shield down
  • [added] buying items from trading post for coins
  • [added] coins to HUD if available
  • [fixed] Seclevs don't work. (Only tested on solo!)
  • [modified] HUD in the bottom displays exact inventory items
  • [added] weapon items to TDM shop
  • [modified] trading post does not dissapear after being destroyed
  • [modifed] new revised TDM Ommadawn map
  • [modified] more red flash on hit
  • [fixed] no spawns on next map

Build 753 (12/May/2013)

Changes from build 752 to 753:

  • [added] priority pickups - (explosives > combat items > regular items > materials)
  • [added] support for cyclical item category pickup [/COLOR]
  • [modified] more red flash on hit
  • [fixed] no spawns on next map
  • [fixed] infinite resources when building doors, traps...
  • [fixed] knight bot AI
  • [fixed] infinite respawn on match start

Build 752 (11/May/2013)

Changes from build 748 to 752:

  • [modified] knight slash is faster; smaller double slash window
  • [fixed] autoupdater failing to copy version.txt
  • [modified] catapult costs more
  • [fixed] Storages are shared between teams (1017)
  • [fixed] alt+f4 making screenshot
  • [dev] trying a fix for the box2d aabb
  • [added] boat sinking sound
  • [modified] archer stab plays stabs ound only if hit something
  • [fixed] annoying sound played when holding bomb and pressing action1
  • [fixed] light up sound played when firing normal arrow
  • [fixed] being able to modify scripts and join with them on server (1050)
  • [added] audio cues for bombs/kegs about to explode (hiss speeds up)
  • [modified] archer is slower while charging (.7 -> .6 factor)
  • [modified] run speed now scaled more when going backwards
  • [fixed] dead knights can still block attacks (shield hit now fails if blob is dead)
  • [modified] dynamic foreground every 10 ticks instead of 3
  • [fixed] default tdm time 2 minutes now
  • [modified] stabilized boats on surface movement
  • [fixed] !bot cmd working for everybody
There were a lot more changes between these two builds but there is no public record about it...

Build 748 (3/May/2013)

  • First Silent Beta release