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Windows will launch KAG from in a web browser when encountering a kag://<IP/hostame>:port/[password] link

The client (all OSes) can also be launched to autojoin with the following Command Line Argument: kag.exe join kag://

If the server had a password, it would go after the /.

Important points: A trailing slash is necessary when there is no password. If there is a password it goes at the end with no trailing slash after the password

This should be added for mac "soon"

Not using Windows?

On Linux,

gconftool --set --type=string /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/kag/command '/path/to/kag/binary/KAG join "%s"'

You can also manually edit your browser's config to enable kag:// support using the information above. More details will be added to this article later

For Opera: Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Programs. Click Add, then chose Open with other application and paste "C:\kag\KAG.exe" there (or whatever is your KAG location) and paste "-join %1" in Parameters

Firefox cannot be directly edited, it only uses the system-wide configuration

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