CBlob::set (type)

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Stores a value of a certain type.

This method is useful for storing any data that should be associated with a particular blob object. Each value is referenced by a simple string.

void set(const string &in, Object &in)
void set(const string &in, Object[] &in)
void set_s8(const string &in, s8 v)
void set_u8(const string &in, u8 v)
void set_s16(const string &in, s16 v)
void set_u16(const string &in, u16 v)
void set_s32(const string &in, s32 v)
void set_u32(const string &in, u32 v)
void set_f32(const string &in, f32 v)
void set_bool(const string &in, bool v)
void set_string(const string &in, string v)
void set_Vec2f(const string &in, Vec2f v)
void set_position2di(const string &in, position2di v)

Object method of: CBlob