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Returns the number of CBlob stacks in this inventory as an int.

This method is useful anywhere you need to know how many item stacks are in an inventory or if you need to loop through all items in an inventory. It is worth noting that this isn't the total number of items in the inventory, just the total number of separate stacks in it.

int getItemsCount()

Example from Entities/Vehicles/Scripts/

if (this.getInventory().getItemsCount() > 0){
  fireLabel = "FIRE ";
  fireLabel += this.getInventory().getItem(0).getInventoryName();
  fireIcon = 10;

Example from Entities/Common/Scripts/

void onAddToInventory( CBlob@ this, CBlob@ inventoryBlob )
  // merge item in inventory
  for (int i = 0; i < inventoryBlob.getInventory().getItemsCount(); i++)  {
    CBlob @blob = inventoryBlob.getInventory().getItem(i);
    if (blob !is this && blob.getName() == this.getName())
      blob.SetQuantity( blob.getQuantity() + this.getQuantity() );				
      if (this.getSprite() !is null)
        this.getSprite().getVars().gibbed = true;

Object method of: CInventory