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Creates a CBlob with the given factory and the given path to a config file defining the CBlob.

Returns a reference to the created CBlob.

For factoryName, either pass genericitem or genericblock. Use genericblock if the block needs to settle on the map grid, otherwise use genericitem.

There are two variants, one of which will also accept a team number and position vector.

CBlob@ CreateBlob( const string &factoryName, const string &configFilename )
CBlob@ CreateBlob( const string &factoryName, const string &configFilename, u16 team, Vec2f Position )

Example from Entities/Characters/Scripts/

CBlob@ arrow = CreateBlob( "genericitem", "Entities/Items/Arrow.cfg" );

Example from Entities/Workshops/

CBlob@ shopBlob = CreateBlob( "genericblock", "Entities/Workshops/Base/WorkshopWAR.cfg", 0, this.getBlob().getPosition() );