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Close as many unnecessary programs as possible if you experience crashes at the start of KAG. For further support report your problems at the forum.

Software incompatibilities

  • There's an incompatibility with Mumble at the moment. Currently, the only way is to disable Mumble's overlay (configuration -> overlay category -> uncheck Activate Overlay).

Ingame problems

  • You may not be able to chat ingame if you're using a Latin or other foreign keyboard layout. Change the layout to "English" to fix this.
  • If the cursor of the builder (white square) is out of place, try running the game in fullscreen-mode ([ESC] --> Settings --> Video --> Fullscreen).
  • If you get stuck inside the terrain, disconnect from the server and join again or drink poison ([Backspace]) to suicide and respawn at the tent.
  • Blocks can't be destroyed sometimes.
  • Screenshots captured with [F4] will show weird wispy white clouds. These "clouds" are accidentally saved in the alpha channel. Just save the screenshots in "jpg"-format or open them with any program that doesn't support alpha channel, like Paint.
  • Maps in the server browser showing wrong server
  • No Servers show up in your server list
  • Client Not Updating