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Tamable No
Hits to Kill 61
Drops 5 Steak.png
Function A Powerful Swimmer That Can Be Picked Up and Thrown

The shark is an aggressive entity in King Arthur's Gold. It spawns in water, and attacks anything that draws near.


Sharks usually sit in water minding their own business until an animal or player comes near. Sharks will eat any fish that draw near, and will attack players, removing 1 heart per successful attack. When the player dies, the shark will then eat the player's corpse, which usually takes a few seconds. The shark can in fact be tamed if hit with swords and arrows. If all of the shark's health is diminished, the shark will remain passive until the player presses [S] while on top of the shark (similar to mounting a vehicle). Once this happens, you then mount the shark and ride it around, able to attack as you please, however, upon dismount, the shark will regain all of it's health and become aggressive once more.

Avoiding a Shark

Avoiding the shark is considered very difficult due to its powerful attacks and speed, yet there are some ways of successfully avoiding the shark.

  • Boats: The most obvious and easiest way to avoid a shark is to build a boat. With this, you are able to easily avoid sharks, because they'll just swim around under it.
  • Shield Surfing: Recommended for small bodies of water, shield surfing is useful when a shark is swimming in some kind of kiddy pool. To shield surf, get a running start, then press and hold the jump button (and the direction you are traveling), and then point your shield to the ground. If done right, you will skid across the water and successfully reach the other side. Try to land on the shark's back, because you will bounce of and get an extra boost. Please note, however, jumping of an insanely large cliff while shield surfing will not allow you to skid, you'll just cannonball to the bottom of the ocean.
  • Bridges: As with shield surfing, building a bridge is ideal for smaller bodies of water, because you can use less wood. You can also use trap blocks to trap your enemies with the shark.
  • Trapping it: If you have subdued the shark, sometimes just trapping it is the best thing to do.


Attacking is just as difficult, and in some cases not worth it, but the general rule is: Only attack the shark when it's in a large body of water, where other people tend to frequently cross, as subduing the shark is stupid if you can't attack people with it. Here are some tactics.

  • Archery: Just shoot it with arrows from afar. Though it's time consuming, it's totally worth it if the above requirements are met. Try to hit it when its on top of the water though, because the arrows travel slower in water, and also do less damage.
  • Waiting: If the shark is in a very public place, there will always be someone who will try to fight it. Most of the time people will just hit it and run to their destination, so you can usually just go about your business while also keeping an eye on the shark. This tactic is rather time-consuming though, so be patient.
  • Confinement: Switch to builder. Then confine the shark in a tiny area, preferably with a cheap resource. Leave a small space in the cage, Then hit it with your pick-axe until its health diminishes, then remove the blocks that confine him and you can mount him with ease. you could also make some kind of confinement for yourself near the shark so it tries to get you through the gap, then you could attack it there.