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Rubble & Scraps

Theory: Scraps don't seem to be visible, or if they are they are nothing more than a sprite effect of sorts. What I mean is this: Making a line of ladders with more than 2 ladders and collapsing it will place invisible "scraps" on the ground which then can be picked up like normal resources. Same goes for stone. This "residue" or "debris" is not visible in any way and will be placed at the exact point on which the structure collapsed, it will always contain (x - 1)*y|y > 1||x = "cost of the block"; y= "number of blocks" resources. Say you collapse 3 ladders, obviously the first ladder gets destroyed due to you hitting it (+2 wood) then y would be the 2 ladders remaining that collapse, they cost 2 each, minus one => 1 per collapsed ladder, so the debris is worth 2 wood if you walk through it. This calculation seems to cover every type of block. I have not yet tried it with every block so its only a theory. Again this debris is not visible! I also don't know if other classes can manually collect it by pressing C. --"Wyeth 08:47, 19 November 2011 (UTC)"

After doing a little testing, it seems as though rubble & scraps give no resources via collapse online, and in singleplayer (though I'm not quite sure how to test it out of the editor, so I used tut levels) didn't seem to give that amount back accurately, usually giving me much more than it should. sometimes it's accurate though. --Carver 11:04, 19 November 2011 (UTC)