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弘治 - [こうじ] - Kouji

Noun - (given Name)




Wide Spread Rule. The first part of the name comes from the Jinmeiyou kanji 弘 - [こう] - (Kou) which is used only for names and means broad, vast and wide. The second part of the comes from the Kanji 治 - [じ] - (Ji) which stands for peace, calm, conserve, quell, reign, rule or subdue.

About Me (KAG Stuff)

I'm one of the Forum Administrators for KAG. I'm also a Guard and Tester. As a forum admin, I'm in charge of any moderators, while also moderating the forums themselves. I generally don't really help with wiki, except in self interest. I have (imo) quite a bit of experience in Classic KAG, both in playing the game and actually hosting servers. I have been slowly been playing around with the Beta, but my experience there is fairly limited (I can set up servers to default settings and change game modes and other basic stuff, but I haven't even touched any modding).

About Me (General)

I'm into anime and manga, and while I do enjoy them quite a bit, I'm not the kind that will force onto you. I'm also not the kind who goes around and uses emotes (like n.n - u.u - ^.^ or Uguu) and such in posts (unless I'm doing it sarcastically). Generally my handle in other games is Kouji112358, Kouji11235813, Serene_Silk3 or SereneSilk3 in the case which Kouji is taken (which happens fairly often since it's a fairly common Japanese name). As far as my taste in anime goes, I tend to watch romantic/comedies, harems (generally the ones that aren't all that ecchi) and some of the less common shounens that are typically underrated. Most of the music I enjoy is Trance, DnB and House. Additionally, I tend to listen to VGM remixes/orchestral versions as well when I'm in the mood (particularly from Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and other classic Nintendo games).