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Welcome to the King Arthur's Gold Wiki
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About the Game

King Arthur's Gold (KAG) is a game about mining resources, building castles and destroying your enemies. It is a side-scrolling 2D action multiplayer war game with focus on building, constructing siege machines and intense PvP-combat. Some inspirations for the game are Soldat, Minecraft, Dungeon Keeper, Ace of Spades, and King Arthur's World.

In KAG two teams (red and blue) struggle to dominate the other on giant randomly generated or beautiful custom made 2D maps. Nobody remembers why the war started, but the battle is ferocious and never ending. Pick your class (the furious knight, the swift archer or the clever builder) and start your adventure now!

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How to Contribute

Start by joining the official wiki IRC channel on quakenet. (Don't know how-to? Simply click here.) If you need help or just want to show your support, post at the Wiki section on the forums.

You can also check out the pages in the following categories and start to update them: "Not Up-to-date", "Needs Content" or "Cleanup".

Please note that some pages may get removed or merged with other pages since some heavy restructuring is going on right now. Look out for the "Slated for removal" tag. All information will still be used in one way or the other, so if you edit a page that gets merged later on the work was not in vain.

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