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The Transhuman Design Forums hosts the community of King Arthur's Gold. The forums are maintained by the developers, along with several moderators. If you've got questions, suggestions or just want to talk to a bunch of handsome, handsome people do not hesitate to visit it.

Registering an account on will automatically generate an account on the forums, so getting into it is easy.

Forum Sections

The forums are divided into different sections, which are further divided into sub-forums and then sub-sections. When you make a new thread, make sure to post in the right section. As of late 2014 the KAG forums have now expanded and now includes other Trans Human Design games, each with their own sub-forum.



The developers mostly take updates from the devlog and post them in this section, for community members to discuss. Announcements regarding the Forum itself will also be posted here.

Contests, tournaments and Giveaways

Contains contests or sweepstakes, both player-hosted and developer-hosted, are introduced to the community.

The Beginner's Box

As of late 2014, Beginner's Box was moved into it's own forum heading, with the sub-forum of Beginner's Box created. It also has a redirect to the rules foru.

Beginner's Box

Read all the rules and forum-ing tips before you get started! Also, you can leave an introduction in the "I'm new/leaving/back" Thread or ask some basic questions that don't require individual threads.

King Arthur's Gold

Late 2014 the forums had a change in design, where by all KAG related forums were moved under the forum heading of "King Arthur's Gold" as well as new forums being created for other THD games. Classic KAG was also moved into the "THD Games" forum.

General Discussion

Talk about anything game related that doesn't quite fit into any of the other categories. There is a sub-forum KAG Media in which you can post any videos or creative stories regarding KAG.

Community Dev Center

An area for discussion with and between those who are creating sites, custom applications, scripts or other development efforts involving KAG. This is also where you can receive support for the King Arthur's Gold API. If you have any requests for technical or development information from the KAG developers (not feature requests or bug reports!), this is the place for that as well.

Classes and Mechanics

Discussion about what the classes should, would and could do, as well as about any mechanics, such as movement or traps. This section also contains 3 specific sub-forums for Archer, Knight, Builder, and Building Critiques. Come here if you want to find out more about your favorite class or if you have any neat tricks to show the community.

Suggestion & Ideas

Come here to share your fantastic visions about KAG's future or give advice about what could be done better. But remember to check if your idea has already been tossed around! You can prevent this by using the forum search or reading the "Do not suggest these again" thread. Old ideas will be locked and moved to the Archive.


Come here if you got any KAG related problem at all, whether you need General Help or Server Help. In addition, you should report griefers, hackers and cheaters in the sub-forum Reports for Abusive Players/Hackers. If you follow the guidelines for reporting, and you have enough evidence, then you can help bring justice to the ne'er do wells!

Server Directory

Come here to find out information about servers or for information about hosting one. If you get banned from a specific server, you can try to appeal the ban in the corresponding server thread. Old servers are moved to the Server Archives. In addition, Server Hosting can be advertised in its appropriate sub-forum.


Here you can find or share player-made contributions such as Maps, Texture Packs and custom Game modes for your server. Ask your modding-related questions in Modding Help.

Bug Reports

This section is meant for reporting bugs from KAG. It will be highly moderated, because the reporting templates make it so much easier for testers and developers to understand.

Forum & Wiki

Here you may discuss suggestions and ideas for the forum and wiki, or request help with either site.

THD Games

As of late 2014, this new Forum sections was created, for specific titles being developed under THD games. King Arthur's Gold Classic was also moved from the King Arthur's Gold discussion but retained all it's previous sub forums and data.

Storm 2D

With it's own sub-forum layout, for discussing Storm2D, the mechanics, bugs, suggestions and a whole lot more.


A redirection link to the official Soldat forums.

Trench Run

A relatively new THD game, this forum is for discussion regarding the game "Trench Run".


This section is meant for KAG Classic related discussion *only*. It contains its own General Discussion, Classes & Mechanics, Help!, Server Directory, and Modding sub-forums. It also has a Full Member Forum dedicated to discussion of "gold" features like classic Zombie Fortress.


Other was created late 2014 as part of the forum shuffle and houses anything not KAG or game related, such as: KAG Forums and Wiki, Other Games and Miscellaneous

Forums and Wiki

For discussing and suggesting changes to the THD forums and or KAG wiki.

Other Games

For discussion all other games not created by THD.


Want to discuss real world politics, or something that doesn't quite fit anywhere else on the forums? This is the place for you. It also has two sub-forums for Art and SpamCan.

Other Languages

The KAG community strives to be reach across international borders, so we have special sections just for people who speak other languages, including French, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, and several more!

Administrators and Moderators

A number of Forum Administrators and Moderators enforce the rules and make sure the Forums run well. There are different levels of power in the moderation team. Administrators administrate the forums. Global Moderators have the ability to move, lock, pin, delete, etc. threads in any section of the forums. Forum Moderators have the same responsibilities as Global Moderators, but they are only assigned to moderate one section of the forums.

List of Administrators and Moderators

For a full and up to date list go to this page: Staff List