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There are several movement techniques that allow players to navigate structures and terrain more efficiently and fluidly. Knights and archers possess skills specific to their class. Builders have no specific movement skills because they already have the capacity to place various blocks, as well as mine resources much faster than the other two classes.

All Classes


All classes can run against blocks by holding up and the pushing against the wall.

Notch Climb
Players can notch climb up a specific door-platform type build that allows classes to step onto the bottom block, reset their wallrun, and keep going up.

Wall Slide
Players can slide down walls of any height safely by moving directly against the wall while falling. An easily accessible opportunity to wall slide can help your team drop from high towers quickly, rather than having to cautiously navigate stairs.

Additionally, all classes can sustain a fall from up to 8 blocks and not experience any stun from falling.


Shield Glide
Knight Gliding
Knight in mid glide

Knights can glide with their shield by holding it upward while airborne. The shield retains its blocking ability while gliding.

Bomb Jump
Full Page: Bomb Jump
Similar to rocket jumping in many other games, knights can use the explosion of their bombs to propel themselves upwards. There are several techniques, but the simplest consists of laying a lit bomb in front of oneself and waiting for it to explode with the shield blocking the explosion. Using momentum from running can propel the player forward into a specific direction. More advanced techniques involve dropping the bomb right before the explosion while jumping.

Shield Ladder
When a knight points his shield upwards, the shield acts like ladder for teammates. This allows multiple knights to form an impromptu ladder for the team.

Slash Jump (Classic Only)
This is simple and easy way to increase your jumping height to four blocks without vaulting. To perform a slash jump, you must charge a slash, then release it as you jump. A slash jump can be used in combination with a ledge jump/vault to reach five-block height.


Tree Climbing
An archer climbing arrows
Arrow Climb

Archers possess the unique skill of climbing trees, as well as jumping to and from them. They can hide inside treetops and shoot while clung to the tree. However, any archer will fall down if the tree gets cut down.

Arrow Ladder/Climbing
Archers can create a ladder of arrows, usable by anyone, by shooting a series of arrows into a wall. The arrows can only be ran up once.

Grappling shot
Archers also possess another way of swiftly moving across the battlefield, which is by using the grappling shot. The players have to aim the hook at a nearby block or tree and as they hold down their right mouse button, are then dragged towards the grappled area.



Block scaling
Builders can run up a wall and place blocks directly under them to scale the entire thing.