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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Tamable Yes
Hits to Kill 52
Drops 8 Steak.png
Function A Powerful Charging Beast

The bison is the only rideable land animal in the game.


The bison will charge anyone who comes near unless he is tamed (inwhich case he will only attack the enemy). Your team can still attack the bison once tamed, but will no longer take damage from it. If you damage the bison when once you tamed it, it will go back to attacking your team and the enemy.

To tame the bison, you will need to feed it one burger (Giving it any other food such as fish will not effect ). The burger will fully heal the bison, and he will now follow you.


  • On maps where bisons are present, it is wise to go and tame it before your enemies do, It deals a lot of damage, and takes a while to kill
  • Once tamed, get burgers to quickly heal you and the bison when damaged.