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Pages which are in line with the latest content-build (which not necessarily needs to be the latest build released). Check out the version history to find out what has changed.
The current "LatestContentBuild" is 2536.

Note: To understand the idea behind the "LatestContentBuild" template imagine the following situation:

  • The latest build is 500.
→ "LatestContentBuild" is set at 490.
  • Build 510 gets released, which includes many (gameplay relevant) changes.
→ We change "LatestContentBuild" to 500 to easily find those pages which are in line with build 500 and need to get updated.
  • Build 511 gets released, which only includes some technical fixes.
→ "LatestContentBuild" stays at 500 since there is nothing interesting for the wiki in the hotfix. All the pages which are already in line with build 510 get pushed to 511 by an admin (search and replace).

Please keep that in mind when you update the template.

This category currently contains no pages or media.