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Current Emotes:


Emotes are quick and easy ways of communicating with other team members. They can be used to show your opinion, help in notifying your team if something is wrong, or if you're in need of help.

How to Emote[edit]

To Emote press [Q] on your keyboard and the Emote wheel will appear, to select the Emote you want scroll your mouse over it and release [Q]. You can also Emote using the number keys at the top of your keyboard, they are preset to

  • 1: Attention!
  • 2:Happy
  • 3:Sad
  • 4:Angry
  • 5:Laugh
  • 6:Confused
  • 7:Grin
  • 8:Frown
  • 9:Ladder

Why Emotes are important[edit]

Emotes are important as they are easy ways to communicate. They are quicker than typing and arent restricted by any language barriers. Different Emotes have different purposes for example the pointing hand emotes to direct people.

Builders should be very aware of Emotes, especially ones such as Ladder or Fortress as they are the only class that can help. They should always be on the look out for Emotes above players.

Modding Emotes[edit]

Modding Emotes is possible however no-one else will be able to see the emotes you have created unless they also have the mod. Therefore creating or editing emotes isn't very helpful. Though you can modify your emote-binding and utilize afew emotes not in the wheel.