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Implementation Status: Planned
HTTP Verbs Supported: GET
Response Type: JSON dictionary
HTTP Auth Required: Yes

This page provides self identity information. This is useful for getting the properly cased username and account status while at the same time performing basic authentication (such as when the client first opens).

Warning: This is intended for internal use only. Third parties using authentication and security-related API calls is highly discouraged. See this warning for more information.

Information returned to this call includes (key - description:

  • username - the properly cased/formatted username on record
  • gold - boolean of whether the account is premium
  • banned - boolean of whether the account is currently global banned
  • banReason - the reason for a global ban, only present if the user is banned
  • banExpiration - the expiration of the current global ban, only present if the user is banned.
  • emailAddress - the user's email address
  • role - Account role (regular player, KAG guard, KAG admin/team member/dev)

No information will be returned if authentication fails. Authentication for this call will succeed even if the account is banned, as the main intention of this call is to perform username/password authentication and discover account problems. The call will fail if the account is not active. A user can only request his/her own info, calls to try and get myinfo of another player will result in a 403.

Potential Future Features:

  • HTTP PUT support for editing account information
  • retrieval of additional account information