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King Arthur's Gold (KAG) is a team-based side-scroller action game revolving around mechanics of combat, building, and mining. KAG allows a variety of game modes in which players can work together and pit themselves against other teams in battles. The official game modes are Take the Halls, Capture the Flag, Challenges and Team Deathmatch.


King Arthur's Gold includes four single player options to introduce new players to the game mechanics, and to provide some extra practice. These can be accessed from offline and can also be seen as a demo.


There are three official tutorials, covering the basics of KAG Gameplay:

  • Basics: Shows many of the features of each of the three classes.
  • Capture the Flag: Introduces the mechanics of the CTF gamemode, including collecting coins, building workshops, and capturing flags.
  • Take the Halls: An overview of the TTH gamemode, including capturing halls and building factories


A series of maps with unique objectives, each to be carried out under a time limit. Objectives include eliminating enemies and completing obstacle courses. High scores are recorded in-game.

Save the Princess

A short campaign, where the player is tasked with saving Princess Geti from the evil Necromancer, Sedgewick (after defeating his red minions).


The player can experiment with structures by building on an open map, with no strict objectives.


Multiplayer is the main component of King Arthur's Gold. It supports over 32 players in a variety of game modes. Official gamemodes:

Take the Halls

Take the Halls is a game mode where two teams fight over control of halls scattered throughout the map. The goal of this mode is to capture every hall on the map.

Team Deathmatch

In this mode two teams fight until only one team is left alive. There are no respawns and each game usually lasts a few minutes. This mode has a time limit and also features coins that you can earn by killing the enemy. The players spawn with 20 coins each round, and they can use them to buy various items from the trader.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag pits two teams against each other as they have to retrieve the other team's flags. The mode includes workshops and coins, similar to CTF in KAG Classic. Each team (on official maps) may have 1, 2, or 3 flags.

Small Capture the Flag

A traditional but fast paced Capture the Flag gamemode on very small community made maps.


The Challenges gamemode is based on its Single-Player counterpart, where you can play cooperatively (or competitively) with other players to complete one objective per map. Each challenge has a maximum time limit of one minute and, in some maps, the class you spawn as is selected randomly, allowing for fast-paced gameplay.

Whether you succeed or not, high scores for most individual/team kills and fastest times are stored and shown at the end of the round.


Griefing is a term used by many players to describe the act of hampering your own team. Whether its destroying your team's structures, obstructing paths intended for your team, or killing them by any way--any intentional act that gives disadvantage to your own team is considered griefing. This also includes team swapping to harm the opposite team.

If you see any griefing, please visit the IRC and ask for help. A guard may be available to assist you. Alternatively, you could record the abusive player, and post the video evidence on the Forum.

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