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Used by Enemy
Pickup Everyone: Auto pickup
Function CapturableEmote1.png

The flag is the focus point CTF and has its own bedrock base.


The flag is automatically picked up by the enemy and can be destroyed to win the game.


  • You can entomb your own picked-up flag, however this isn't that valuable of a strategy because it will despawn after a few seconds inside the blocks.
  • A flag can be loaded into the catapult where it will not despawn.
  • A flag despawns quicker if a teammate stands on top of it. This is valuable for returning the flag.
  • The flag can be dropped into the void, or bottom of the map, but will not despawn there. An Archer can grapple down and get it but other than that it is basically lost and will revert back to the enemy.
  • The flag can be picked up with [C] through blocks, if there is an opening.