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Coin 32px.pngCoins.png
Used by Everyone
Pickup Everyone: Auto
Produced Damaging enemies/Mining resources/Building

Coins are a resource earned by damaging enemy units and placing blocks. Coins are lost by destroying friendly blocks or by dying. When killed a player loses a portion of their coins and may drop some that other players can pick up.


Note: Coins can be earned during the build phase. Only builders can placing blocks and building workshops.

not tested on build 1239:

  • 5 Coin 16px.png per successful hit on an enemy
  • 15 Coin 16px.png per successful hit on an catapult

Losing coins

Note: Only builders lose coins for destroying structures. Knights do not lose coins, but still get the raw resource materials.

  • For destroying blocks:
    • -1 Coin 16px.png per Castle Back Wall
    • -1 Coin 16px.png per Ladder
    • -2 Coin 16px.png per Spike
    • -2 Coin 16px.png per Trap Door
    • -2 Coin 16px.png per Castle Wall
  • -30% upon death (from enemy player)



  • Builders can earn the most coins per second by mining stone and gold rather than wood
  • If you have too many coins from playing builder, you can help your team by buying and dropping bombs and constructing outposts and catapults at a Vehicle Shop.
  • Because builders can earn coins quite rapidly without engaging the enemy, it can sometimes be viable to switch to builder to gain enough coins to purchase bombs.
  • Coins, like certain other items, will disappear if not picked up for a while.