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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1865).
Tamable No
Drops None
Function Lowers gravity on a player and can make eggs

Chickens are passive animals that can be used by all classes to fall slower or float when picked up.


Chickens are usually found in some maps. They often waggle around aimlessly, occasionally flying one tile off the ground. Chickens are passive animals and do not pose any direct threat to players.

Chickens can also be "purchased" by players. This is done by purchasing an egg at the quarters shop for 30 coins. Provided the egg is not eaten, a chicken will eventually hatch out of the egg.


While chickens aren't exactly feared by players, they are often of use because upon picking up the chicken, the player will slow down falling. This is particularly useful for knights, because combined with their shield glide, they can cover great distances at high altitude. For maximum effect, it is advised to use catapults to sling knights off a high tower; this can allow them to travel very far. It is not uncommon to float all the way to the enemy base on smaller maps.


  • Just like a boulder, teammates and foes can kill your chicken; with teammates it's often just an accident.
  • The chicken is very similar to the keg Because you cannot put it in your inventory to hold something else.
  • While your animations are suspended, meaning archers cannot grapple and builders cannot build or destroy, you can still slash as knight it just will not show up on your screen.
  • It is possible to do a bomb jump with a chicken, but it is limited to a single.
  • Even a single bomb jump can be dangerous because the chicken might get killed by the explosion, though it is very unlikely.
  • Chickens set off spikes for both teams.
  • Chickens can set off mines of both teams.