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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Production cost 120 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break 12
Used by Knights
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced KnightShop.png (CTF)

DemolitionFactory.png (TTH)

Function Powerful explosive

Kegs are the most powerful explosive devices in King Arthur's Gold, coming in the form of barrels of gunpowder.

When detonated, a keg will destroy most blocks that are positioned directly horizontally or vertically to the keg. It will also kill all players within a certain range.

Any class can carry a keg, but it can only be lit by a knight. A player can carry a keg on his back, which will lower his movement speed and prevent him from using Bombs, Water Bombs, Mines, or utilizing the building menu. In order to light a keg, a knight must press [Space] while carrying it. Then, he can either drop it at an enemy structure and run, or he can hold onto the keg and die with it. If the player holds onto the keg then there is usually a better change you will actually damage the enemy. Dropping the keg and leaving it is only a good strategy if there is no enemy in the vicinity.


  • The timer on a keg is six seconds long. It would be ideal to use the last few seconds to escape the explosion.
  • Kegs will not, under normal circumstances, explode when destroyed. But if a keg is destroyed while lit, it will explode, regardless of the timer. A lit keg, when falling with enough velocity, will detonate. A keg can be blown up by the speed of an arrow if the powered keg is close enough to the archer.
  • A keg kills all players within its explosive radius, regardless of team, so make sure that your teammates can stay clear of the explosion.
  • After a keg is activated and thrown, anybody from either team can pick it up and throw it away to defend their base. The only guaranteed way that your keg will stay is not to let go, committing suicide.
  • Kegs can be propelled at high speeds by a water bomb. The speed at which the keg travels is dependant on the player's movement as the water bomb is thrown, how close the player is, and where the water bomb hits. Depending on the speed of the keg, it might explode on impact.
  • A nearby explosion may also detonate a keg, making chain reactions possible for compounded destruction. This also makes keg storage very dangerous.
  • A keg can be loaded onto a catapult, but the fuse will continue to burn while it is loaded, so it may explode early.