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This page might not be up-to-date (build 2067).
Life: Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Type: Support

The Builder is the backbone of any army. His primary task is to build the infrastructure necessary to protect and mobilize the army. He is able to build ladders, towers made of all sorts of blocks, platforms, spikes and workshops. A builder can mine different types of materials before entering the battlefield, which are used to construct various types of buildings.

  • [Left click] - Build blocks/constructions. To repair damaged structures, left click on the structure using the matching icon.
  • [Right click] - Use your hammer. Cut down trees, mine resources, destroy blocks, and fight.
  • [S] - Ducks, allowing enemies to pass through without colliding. This is useful when a knight tries to shield bash you.
  • [F] - Hold to bring up a menu of blocks to build.
  • [C] - Pick up/Drop materials, allows you to pick up more material than would normally fit in the inventory.

Build Menu
Castlewbut.png Castlebwbut.png Sdoorbut.png
Woodwbut.png Woodenbwbut.png Tdbut.png
Tbbut.png Platbut.png Ladderbut.png
Workshopbut.png Spikesbut.png



The builder's primary action is to build. He can create massive stone buildings or specialized traps to ensnare or impale enemies using spikes. Basic structures can be as simple as large rectangles of stone. These may be hollowed out to create tactical towers which can house workshops or archer nests. At the beginning of most Capture The Flag matches, there is a building phase in which builders can create fortifications before battle. It is easy to get a refill of resources by going back to the tent, so this is the greatest opportunity to build strong defenses. Another way to get a resupply is to stand by a builder shop.

As a player gains experience in building, he learns to utilize space and resources efficiently in structures. Certain traps, such as spike pits (a deep pit dug into the ground with trap blocks over it and spikes at the bottom), often take more time than they're worth, and more specialized features that aid other classes in combat are usually preferred.


Just as builders are essential for creating defenses for their team, they are just as important for helping their teammates advance into enemy territory. A builder can travel with a pack of Knights and and Archers, placing ladders or other constructions (or obstructions) on enemy towers to let them over. He can also prevent enemies from moving forward by blocking their paths with stone. A good offensive builder can effectively direct the flow of combat with just a few blocks, and is a crucial part of every raid.

Once a team has secured a position, a builder can set up a forward tower that acts as a new front line of battle. From there, the players can either continue to push forward into enemy territory, perhaps capturing the flag, or simply defending from an advantageous position (such as on a hill).


The builder's pickaxe can be used not only for mining and destroying structures, but also for attacking enemies. The builder's pickaxe has a faster attack rate than the knight's sword, but does only half a heart of damage each time and cannot attack through the knight's shield. If a builder tries to pick a knight while the knight jabs the builder, the knight's attack will take priority over the builder's, so that only the builder will be hurt. The pickaxe is best used in conjunction with a head-stomp, by jumping on an enemies head from high above while attacking. If done correctly, this will deal between 1.5 and 2.5 hearts of damage. Note that the targeting for the builder pickaxe is buggy so attacking with the pick is not always the best idea.


Building has a high skill cap, here are some guides that might help you on your journey.

Gameplay Tips

  • A builder should study the mechanics of character movement to make the an efficient base that allows allies quick entry/exit but gives no ground for enemies.
  • If you play builder and are being chased by enemies, you can quickly place some blocks to stop or slow them, or even kill them with cleverly positioned spikes. Note that spike drops cost 30 stone and do more damage the farther they fall(damage based on velocity).
  • Builders are very effective saboteurs. They can quickly destroy defenses such as doors, traps, or catapults.
  • Builders have the ability to scale walls by placing blocks under themselves.
  • Builders can destroy workshops like the tunnel by collapsing blocks onto it.
  • Use Burgers and drills to your advantage, A burger a day keeps the knight away!
  • Setting up a Saw is essential for longer games of attrition.
  • Even if not playing builder swapping classes at the tent can stockpile starting mats for other builders. A few people doing it can stock mats very quick.