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Bomb jumping is the act of using a bomb or similar explosive to propel oneself to great heights or across large distances quickly. It is a risky venture, since explosives can be dangerously volatile. Knights often use bomb jumps to bypass the opposing team's defenses.


Bombs are dangerous to handle, which means that using them to bomb jump requires skill. If not executed in a correct manner, a player can damage nearby entities, including structures, allies and enemies. The launch executed by the bomb jump is also dangerous itself, as a player could easily sustain damage while landing. Falling extreme distances or landing on spikes may kill the player.


There are 2 basic techniques for bomb jumping, which can be expanded or altered depending on the in-game situations.

Ground Bomb Jump

Ground bomb jumps are used to get high of the ground, or over towers, but do not provide much horizontal travel.

  • Throw a lit bomb on the ground in front of you (with [C] or [Space]).
  • As the bomb begins to flash, jump above the bomb and hold shield towards it (you can get some distance without jumping, and just shielding downwards).
  • The bomb's explosion will launch the player high into the air.
  • You can get the greatest height if you time your jump so that the bomb explodes just as you jump upwards.

This technique allows players to jump onto/inside enemy structures.

Side Bomb Jump

Side bomb jumps are the best in terms of horizontal distance. To execute a side bomb jump you must:

  • Light a bomb (a drop is not needed for this technique).
  • Face the direction opposite to where you want to go and wait till the bomb begins to flash.
  • Throw the bomb just as the bomb is about to explode, while shielding it.
  • The bomb will explode, launching the player in the opposite direction to which he threw the bomb.
  • It is possible to perform side bomb jumps midair, allowing for other variants of bomb jumps.

Side Bomb Jumps are often used to get over large spike pits/valleys, but are not as helpful for going over towers.

Alternate Techniques

Many variations of bomb jumps exist, some which have probably yet to be explored.

  • Enemy Bomb Jumps: Enemy bombs will propel you just as well as your own. Don't be afraid to take advantage when your foe throws a bomb at you!
    • Note: Bombs from different teams detonate each other, netting a larger explosion. If an enemy throws a bomb, you can drop your own bomb on top of it, then jump off of the combined explosion. The force is much greater than any single-bomb explosion.
  • Thrown Bomb Jump: It's possible to throw a bomb in the air first, then jumping up to reach it just as it explodes. The timing is difficult, but the distance can be a bit greater .(Video)
  • Shield Glide Jump: Jump off a ledge with a lit bomb, then hold your shield up. When the bomb explodes, you will be launched diagonally downward. This is useful for stomping enemies.
    • Note: Occasionally, you will be launched diagonally upwards instead of downwards. This only happens sometimes if the bomb explodes about the same time that you jump up.

Multi-bomb Jumps

Several bomb explosions can be chained together for greater distances and heights. It is unlikely that any bomb jumps requiring more than two bombs will be necessary during any match. In fact, it is highly implausible that a quadruple or quintuple bomb jump could be performed on servers with any amount of lag. Nevertheless, they have been done.

Jumps with Other Items or Environments

  • Catapult Jump: Light a bomb while being launched from a catapult, then execute a (side) bomb jump while airborne.
  • Trampoline Jump: Light a bomb, then get some extra height with a trampoline before performing a bomb jump. Alternatively, you can bomb jump while bouncing for even more height. The effect is similar to a combined bomb jump.
  • Water Jumping: In maps with water, it is useful to bomb jump while floating in water. The mechanics are mostly the same as the side bomb jump.
  • Flag Jumping: Bomb jumping while holding a flag is a great skill to learn for CTF. The only known way to accomplish this is to perform a ground bomb jump, with the added step of picking up the flag before the explosion.

Related Notes


When a keg explodes, it will instantly kill all players within its explosive range. Thus, kegs cannot be used to perform bomb jumps.


Since mines explode on contact instead of using timers, knights can set off mines while blocking the explosion with their shields. They resulting explosion can propel the player about as high as a bomb can. One must also be wary of teammates when triggering mines, however, because the explosion will still kill or damage any nearby allies.

Other Classes

Because bombs will "launch" any player that isn't killed by the explosion, other classes have the ability to perform pseudo-bomb jumps, with a much greater risk. These bomb jumps are often done by accident, while a player is trying to escape a bomb thrown by an enemy. Since neither archers nor builders have shields to negate the damage from an explosion, however, it is difficult for them to survive the explosion while gaining any significant distance. It is especially difficult for the archer, who has only two hearts.