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Pages to revisit:

GetBlob & GetPlayingBlob & GetBlobByName & GetPlayingBlobsSize & GetBlobSize - No examples, possibly untested.

CreateGridMenu - What exactly is a Grid Menu?

MakeCoin - No example - untested?

MakeAnimatedParticle - Double check argument meanings are right... Especially angle.

HasRequirements - Don't really get how its meant to work. Why does it look at 2 inventories (inventory one just uses 1 - what instances would require two? Seems like AddWorkshopTasksButtons in calls it with the inventory of the workshop and the inventory of the player), why does it always add requirements/return false if its not a blob type?

CInventory::canPutItem & CInventory::putInItem & CInventory::RemoveItems & CInventory::isInInventory & CInventory::MoveInventoryTo - No examples, possibly untested.

GetBlobCacheIndex - why would you ever need this in a script?

getFontHeight, getScreenHeight, getScreenWidth, isPlayerListShowing, DrawRulesFont, SetHelpText - Improve docs

Global_Properties - document keys

Server only:

Creating its own objects

Attaching objects

Killing objects

Decreasing object health

Map things like creating/destroying blocks

Client only:

rendering stuff like GUI and cursors

Both simulate everything, server just has the authority to override client stuff