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This page might not be up-to-date (build 921).
Construction cost 50 WoodMini.png
Upgraded from Workshop
Function Heals

The Quarters are a building that a player can upgrade an empty workshop into. Quarters work as a healing station, in which players can buy food. The only other object in game that has a similar effect to food is the heart.

Quarters are only available in the Capture the Flag gamemode. Placement of quarters should be considered with great care, as they can be damaged quite easily and even worse, exploited by the enemy team. Thoughtlessly placed quarters can give the enemy team a big advantage.

How to Build and Use

To build a Quarter place an empty workshop layout, hold [E] and select Quarter.

To buy an item, press [E], and select the item you wish to make. If the the object you want is greyed out, you do not have the required resources needed to create that item. You can check for which item you are missing by looking at your inventory and that of which is needed to create the object.

Buyable Foods

Image Item Name Use Price
Beer.png Beer Heals 1 Heart.png 5 Coin 16px.png
Meal.png Meal Heals All Heart.png 10 Coin 16px.png
Egg.png Egg Heals All Heart.png or get a ChickenChicken.png 30 Coin 16px.png
Burger.png Burger Heals All Heart.png 20 Coin 16px.png