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This page and/or the following information is about KAG Classic only.
Information below might not be relevant in the latest game version.

Zombie Portal
Hits to break 52

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Function Spawns undead in Zombie Fortress
Generated randomly under ground

Zombie Portals, also known as Altars or Spawners, exists in many randomly generated dungeons in Zombie Fortress and spawn various Zombies.

When discovered, the Zombie Portal activates and begins to spawn Zombies at a sometimes alarming rate. Walking near a portal gives the message "I smell evil...," and attacking it will cause the rate of Zombies spawning to rapidly increase.

Because a Portal takes so much damage to destroy (as many as 3 |Kegs worth), it is very hard to deal with early in a game. Thus, finding one may spell death unless fast action is taken to block it off completely by building around i.e. Stone Blocks, caging any Zombies it spawns. However, doing so will also increase the rate of Wraiths spawning. Zombie Knights are more likely to spawn from a Zombie Portal then normal when it is night time.


  • A good way to deal with a Zombie Portal is by hanging over it rapidly releasing low powered Arrows as an Archer.
  • You can try to destroy a portal quickly by dropping several explosives (i.e. bombs or Kegs) on it. However, it is very likely that this will also cause zombie knights and wraiths to spawn.
  • Wraiths that detonate on top of the portal may do some damage to it.
  • Boulders and explosives can quickly clear large hordes produced by a Zombie Portal.
  • A Zombie Portal will only activate if a player ventures near it.