Ballista Bolts

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This page might not be up-to-date (build 1865).
Ballista Bolts
Production cost 100 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break Does not take damage but it does despawn
Used by Ballista
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced VehicleShop.png (CTF)

BallistaFactory.png (TTH)

Ballista Bolts are a form of ammunition for the Ballista. They are indestructable and are only removed from the map by despawning or falling through the void.


The Bolts are loadable for the Ballista, and based off of your purchase at the Vehicle Shop, are either used as bomb bolts or regular bolts. You can put ballista bolts in the catapult's firing arm, but they would just be a projectile that does no damage.


  • If you purchase the bomb bolt upgrade then 12 Ballista bolts will be turned into 6 Bomb bolts. The Ballista basically charges 2 Ballista bolts for every Bomb bolt shot.
  • Ballista bolts are very expensive so dont leave them around as they will despawn.
  • If you purchase the bomb bolt upgrade then knight can slash your projectiles.
  • Archer can shoot bomb bolts and destroy them.