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This page might not be up-to-date (build 590).
Production cost 80 Coin 16px.png
Slots 1 Driver, 1 Launcher, 1 Projectile
Breaking yields 100 RockItemMini.png + 48 Coin 16px.png (2 per hit)
Hits to break 24 hits
Produced VehicleShop.png (CTF)

CatapultFactory.png (TTH)

Function Holding [E]:
Load Stone, Pack into crate, Load Object

The catapult, often abbreviated as "cata", is a portable siege weapon constructed in the vehicle shop. It fires three boulders that can damage enemy defenses or kill opponents.


To deploy the catapult from a crate, press [E] either while carrying it or when it is on the floor. To ride the catapult, press [S] in the middle slot of the catapult; this is the driver's seat. While riding a catapult, you gain momentum that you can use to "Ram" into the enemy and to a smaller extent their structures. Enemy catapults can be converted by standing on them and waiting for the Capture bar to fill. A catapult can be destroyed by melee weapons, bombs, arrows, and other catapult projectiles.

To load up a catapult with stones, hold [E] and click on the stone icon in the catapult's firing seat. To shoot you must enter the firing seat, the one in the back of the catapult, and hold [LMB] to charge a blast. Each catapult shot uses up 10 stone.

To immobilize the catapult, or prevent it from being moved, open the menu and select 'immobilize'. The catapult's wheels will pop off and it will not move unless hit.When you remove the wheels the catapult becomes a stationary weapon.

To load a catapult with a bomb (as a knight), light the bomb with [space] and put it on the catapult by pressing [E]. The bomb will be burning its wick, so there is a danger of it exploding while mounted. When loading a keg in a catapult, it is important to light the keg before putting it in, or else it will not explode when it reaches the other side. The timer for the keg will continue to run while in the catapult, so you must launch it before it explodes. Alternatively, you can launch a teammate, preferably a knight, who has the keg on their back.


  • Each rock fired from a catapult can do more than 2 hearts of damage, making it very deadly. A well placed, fortified catapult can keep the enemies at bay even when outnumbered.
  • A catapult can be surrounded in a layer of blocks and it will fire through it. This has a use because then the catapult and the player are defended.
  • Fired rocks will destroy ladders instantly, making catapults an effective counter against poorly built sky bridges.
  • Hop up and press [S] to enter the catapult's firing arm so you can be launched across the map.
  • It is possible to load most items you can carry into a catapult. However, many of these will not actually do damage.
  • If you have to fill a catapult quickly, you can simply tap [E] on the catapult in order to so. However, if you do not have any stone, you will mount yourself instead.
  • If you have the enemy flag, you can put it on the catapult to prevent it from despawning, this can be useful if you need to free your hands and hold the flag.