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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Production cost 200 Coin 16px.png
Slots 1 Driver, 1 Gunner,
Breaking yields 12 BallistaBolts.png
Hits to break 30 hits
Produced VehicleShop.png (CTF)

BallistaFactory.png (TTH)

Function Mobile Spawn Point
Holding [E]:
Change Class, Load Ballista Bolts

The ballista is one of the two land-based siege weapons that is produced at a factory. Once produced, it will appear as a convenient crate that can be deployed onto land by unpacking it. Once it has been deployed, it can not be repackaged into a crate. The ballista can hold two slots, a driver and a shooter. The driving slot will be lost after immobilizing the ballista, like the catapult, making it unable to switch directions or move.

To use a function of a ballista, press [E] while standing in front of it, or if you want to drive or shoot, crouch by one of the given arrows shown on the ballista. Once you are in one of these positions, you can easily be harmed by projectiles. If you get overpowered your ballista can be taken over by the enemy or be destroyed by bombs, arrows, and other deadly projectiles. However, unlike its counter-part, the catapult, the ballista can serve as a secondary base where you can spawn from, and switch classes at, which can give you an edge in a never-ending battle.


Holding [E] inside of the ballista will bring up its menu, which contains 'Change Class'. It also brings up an 'Immobilise' button, which allows prevents the ballista from being moved (This action can not be undone once pressed).

To put bolts into the ballista, hold down [C] and pick up the bolts that are made by the ballista factory. This will bring it into your hands where you will then need to hold down [E], and click 'Load Ballista Bolts' when near the ballista. This will automatically put the bolts as new ammo in the weapon.

To drive the ballista, go to the front of the machine and crouch to get inside. You can then use the [D] to go right, [A] to go left, and [S] to tilt the ballista up. The ballista can go at different speeds/tilts depending on how long you are pressing the keys.

To shoot a ballista, go to the back of the machine and crouch to get inside. You then must use the mouse to guide the tilt of your shot and then hold down [Left Mouse Key] to charge the shot. The faster the sound of clicking, the farther the bolt will go.


  • Purchasing the Bomb Bolt upgrade at the Vehicle Shop will give any purchased afterwards Bomb Bolts. That is, you must purchase the upgrade before you purchase you Siege crate if you want to have Bomb Bolts
  • Ballistas are flammable, although fire doesn't do a significant amount of damage.
  • Ballistas can be used on ships, by either driving the ballista onto the ship from land or unpacking it on the ship.
  • Pressing E can now also allow you to immobilise the ballista, preventing it from being driven.