Bomb Arrow

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Bomb Arrow
Production cost 1 for 50 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break Cannot be broken but the item despawns.
Used by Archers
Pickup Archer: Auto pickup
Produced ArcherShop.png (CTF)

DemolitionFactory.png (TTH)

The Bomb arrow is used by archers to blow up structures and the enemy.


To use, as archer, hold [F] and select the bomb arrow icon. Then hold [LMB] until you have the needed charge and shoot at your target.


  • Bomb arrows blow up the front 3 blocks on contact and can blow up any blocks that are directly above or below where the bomb arrow explodes.
  • The Bomb arrow will demolish any doors or platforms that are directly behind the blocks that the bomb arrow strikes.
  • If a bomb arrow explodes inside open doors then they will all be demolished but if a bomb arrow explodes inside a platform then only the single platform will be destroyed. Some people build backwards platforms for this reason.
  • Use bomb arrows to take out key support for towers bringing them down.
  • With 3 bomb arrows in hand, most flag back doors will be penetrable. Try taking a flag from the rear.