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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Life: Heart.pngHeart.png
Type: Ranged

The archer is a skilled warrior in ranged combat, using a bow to rain death from afar. The archer starts with 30 arrows by default (unless disabled by the server)

  • [Left click] - Aim, click and hold, release to shoot. The longer you hold LMB, the more powerful the shot will be. Holding the LMB down will eventually lead to an overcharged shot, allowing the archer to shoot three arrows in a spread, like a shotgun (a "Legolas shot").
  • [Right Click (hold)] Will send the archer's grappling hook out, which will latch on to the environment (not players) - Archers can grapple most types of blocks and trees. One can also quickly tap this mouse button as a way of canceling your shot (doing it fast will cause the grappling hook to virtually not appear aka go no where).
  • [S] - The archer drops to the ground making him harder to target for enemy archers; this is also a method to play dead, as enemy players can walk right past him if not paying attention. Note that the crouch feature can be used to avoid stomps and only has an aesthetic feature(Does not change your hitbox). You can also use this feature to hide in tall grass, or behind dead enemies, to allow unsuspecting attacks on enemy players. Beware though, your Gamertag can still be seen from this position if the enemy moves their mouse over you. The minimap may also reveal your position to others. In addition, players can differentiate a prone archer from a corpse by the arrows in their quiver.
An Archer sneaking
  • [W] (on a tree or arrow) - The archer can climb trees to get a better view of the battlefield, hide himself among the foliage, and snipe enemies from a different vantage point. This only last as long as you hold [W] as releasing it will start dropping you down. Archers can also climb fired arrows that are sticking out of the ground (friendly or otherwise - the spent arrow's team does not matter), where after a few uses of climbing on them they'll break. This also works for knights and builders!
  • [F] - Tap to quickly switch between arrow types. Hold to access the inventory and pick the arrow specifically. (Can be combined with shotgun shots for some interesting effects). If you try to shoot a shotgun shot with different arrow types, only the middle one will be the special arrows, the side arrows will be default arrows.


Archer drawing a bow
A bow drawn by an Archer
A charged "Shotgun" shot

The bow is the archer's weapon of choice. It requires arrows as ammunition, and is used with the [Left Click] on the mouse.

The bow always faces the direction that the player is pointing with his/her mouse, once gotten out (left click). Holding it will begin to charge your bow. If you do not fully charge your bow your arrow will only go a few blocks and deal minimal damage. Charging the bow to the second level will make the arrow go considerably farther. "Overcharging" the bow (indicated by a shiny white light) will allow the archer to fire 3 arrows in a spread, this can also be combined with special arrows for some interesting combinations. When using special arrows, only the middle arrow in this Legolas shot will be the special arrow (the rest being regular arrows).


Arrows are one of the items of the game. They are used as ammunition by the archer, who spawns with 30, however can receive more by making certain factories. You may also buy arrows and special arrows via the trader, or you get them on spawn via research. When archers are killed, they drop arrows, allowing you to pick them up. It is, however, possible for arrows--usually special ones--to remain in the backpack after the archer dies. You may retrieve the arrows by pressing [E] to open up the corpse inventory, or by destroying the body.


An arrow stuck in a wall at a roughly horizontal position can be used as a temporary ladder for any class to jump on, allowing them to help teammates climb over high structures.

Archer's cursor
The cursor of an archer charging a shot.

Archers can only carry a maximum of 120 regular arrows, 8 fire arrows, 8 water arrows, or 4 bomb arrows. This is because regular arrows stack up 30 per inventory slot, fire/water arrows stack up to 2, and bomb arrows only stack up to 1 per slot.

Types of Arrows

Image Item Name Obtained from Price
Arrow.png Arrow 30 at Spawn and Archer Shop 30 for 15 coins
Waterarrow.png Water Arrow Archer Shop 2 for 20 coins
Firearrow.png Fire Arrow Archer Shop 2 for 30 coins
Bombarrow.png Bomb Arrow Archer Shop 1 for 50 coins


Gameplay Tips

  • On vanilla (official) servers, archers cannot damage themselves or teammates with arrows. They can, however, damage enemy structures or siege equipment with fire and bomb arrows. Archers can also stun enemies/extinguish fires using water arrows. Note that bomb arrows WILL hurt friendly structures (including blocks).
  • Archers don't jump as high/move as fast when charging a shot, but jumping when releasing the shot will increase the height of the arrow.
  • The faster a normal arrow flies the more damage it inflicts, to a maximum of 1 heart. Low power shots deal 0.5 hearts of damage, while medium and full power shots deal 1 heart. Distance does not affect arrow damage, velocity does on the other hand. This means that an arrow does not have to be fully charged to do max damage, but it also means that arrows lose power the slower they are.
  • Shoot arrows at a wall while jumping against it to quickly scale it using [W] on the shot arrows. If you wish to go around an overhang, you can pre-shoot arrows at the bottom part of the overhang and 1 additional arrow around the corner. With the correct movement, you'll be able to climb straight up, across the ceiling and then climb over the overhang. You must be fast however because arrows decay over time, as do they decay after a few uses. Use this to help make temporary ladders for your friendly knights!
  • If archers wish to destroy any type of block or structure, they must have either fire arrows (which will burn most things created with wood) or bomb arrows (which will damage anything that the arrow hits). They can cause damage to siege equipment (boats, catapults, etc) with regular arrows, but the damage is minimal, though bomb arrows do large amounts of damage to siege equipment. As such, they aren't suited for assault all by themselves as it's to expensive to do effectively, they can however provide great support in dealing with enemies. So it might be wise to save around 200 coins (since bomb arrows cost 50 coins from the archer shop), buy a lot of bomb arrows, then send them out in volleys at an enemy vehicle.
  • Laying prone with [S] allows the archer to hide in bushes for an ambush, feign death, or avoid being targeted. Enemies do not collide with the archer when lying down, but you can still recieve damage. Also, if you are faking death, you might want to take all of your arrows out of your inventory - players who have arrows in their inventory are shown with arrows in their quiver (on the archer's sprite), while dead archers have no arrows in their quivers..!
  • Arrows can collide with each other. This can be used to protect your teammates or buildings, by shooting enemy arrows out of the air. However, it is very hard, especially with lag. Arrows also collide with water bombs (can be used to stop a bomb arrow from hitting).
  • While it may not seem readily obvious, archers can be very deadly underground in the company of knights and builders, supplying suppressing fire to allow your team to advance (charged shots are your friend - easily breaks enemy shields).
  • To get around obstacles, use your grapple hook to play with the physics of gravity and momentum. You will be able to jump further if you let yourself fall before grabbing on a surface and swinging off.
  • Archers are great for picking off targets in water from a distance. However arrows lose almost all momentum after hitting water, so this is generally useful for only targets on the surface. Arrows shot from within water also lose a significant amount of momentum, so if you are in water, stick to the surface and lob your arrows. It is possible to shoot arrows normally while the archer is still in the water (it is recommended to hold [W] so you keep staying just above the water, bobbing at the surface). Shotgun-styled shots have more momentum underwater.


  • While the 3-arrow shot is commonly called a charged, shotgun, or overcharged shot, it is referred to in-code as a "legolas" shot, referring to the Middle-Earth character Legolas, who in the Peter Jackson movies is seen shooting multiple arrows in one release.
  • Originally (in "KAG Classic"), archers had no grappling hook (instead, they had a very weak knife), and could only shoot in 8 directions. Also, arrows could be gotten by stabbing ("chopping") down trees (where at that time the tree had no logs, and never fell, instead acting oddly like a special chain of blocks).