Water Arrow

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Water Arrow
Production cost 2 for 20 Coin 16px.png
Hits to break Cannot be broken but the item despawns.
Used by Archers
Pickup Archer: Auto pickup
Produced ArcherShop.png (CTF)

WaterAmmoFactory.png (TTH)

The water arrow is used by the archer to stun the enemy.


The water arrow can be used to extinguish fires and stun the enemy's player. To use the arrow press [F] and select the water arrow icon in your inventory. Then charge your shot by holding [LMB] until you reach the power you need and release.


  • Water arrows stun enemies aswell as the player shooting the arrow(if either gets hit by the arrow's "splash").
  • Knights can shield a water arrow's splash but cannot defend against a direct hit. If the water arrow hits the player then he will be stunned.
  • Water arrows can be useful for stunning knights with lit kegs or bombs.