Archer Shop

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This page is in line with the latest build 2536.
Archer Shop
Construction cost 50 WoodMini.png
Upgraded from Workshop
Function Buy Special Arrows

The Archer Shop is one of the several types of workshops a builder can upgrade an empty workshop into. It can be used by any class to purchase arrows, which can be used by archers. The successful upgrade generates a sound cue and changes the workshop's appearance.

How to Build and Use

To build, stand in front of a Workshop, press and hold [E], then choose the 'Arrow Shop'.

To create an item, press [E], and select the item you wish to make. If the the object you want is greyed out, you do not have the required resources needed to create that item. You can check for which item you are missing by looking at your inventory and that of which is needed to create the object.


Image Item Name Use Price
Arrow.png Arrow Shoot/Climb on 30 for 15Coin 16px.png
Waterarrow.png Water Arrow Stun Enemies 2 for 20 Coin 16px.png
Firearrow.png Fire Arrow Put Items on Fire 2 for 30 Coin 16px.png
Bombarrow.png Bomb Arrow Break Small Walls 1 for 50 Coin 16px.png


  • Typically built next to a Knight Shop or near an archer setup.
  • Also can be built on sky bridges where construction has been halted on as a way to get more arrows without having to travel a long distance back down to the trees or at base level.