Boulder (ammo)

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Boulders are small round rocks that are dispersed in collections whenever bedrock or rubble is destroyed. They are also fired from catapults. Each shot launches three boulders at once.

Boulders from rubble will not do any damage, but those from bedrock or catapults will damage and possibly kill any players they touch. A knight will get stunned and receive damage from a boulder even if shielded. However, the damage may be reduced by shielding, and it will stop the boulder(s), protecting nearby team mates. Typically, after a boulder is launched, it will bounce several times off of the ground or built structures before rolling to a stop. The boulder will do damage to all blocks except bedrock, and will instantly destroy ladders. A boulder shot from a catapult will not hurt the allies of the one who shot it, passing through them instead.

Each boulder can be picked up from the ground when a builder walks over it, yielding three stone.