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Used by Builder
Everyone: Loading Catapult
Pickup Builder: Auto
Everyone: Manual pickup
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Stone is one of the three main resources in the game. It is required to build some blocks and can be used by the Builder to construct various structures and tools.

Builders do automatically pick up Stone; whenever they walk over a pile of Stone it enters their inventory. Archers and Knights can also put Stone into their inventory, but it must be done manually (by picking up the Stone with [C] and putting it in the inventory with [F].

Stone is used as the primary ammo for Catapults. A player can load Stone into the Catapult from their inventory -- 100 Stone at a time.

Obtaining stone

  • The maximum amount of Stone that may be stored in the inventory is 2000 (500 stone in each inventory space). Stone can still be picked up in the form of material stacks.
  • In CTF, Builders will normally spawn with 100 Stone during the build phase. It's possible to resupply every 20 seconds at the Tent (gives 100 Stone in the build phase and then 30).


Stone, together with Wood, forms the basis for all structures that a Builder can construct. Stone creations can only be broken by other Builders or explosives. Even with Builders, a Stone_Block will take 7 long hits to break, so it provides the best defense against enemies. Stone Back Walls are essential for supporting buildings. Traps that use Spikes also require Stone.


  • You can block enemy tunnels effectively using Stone Blocks.
  • It is a good idea to build over enemy pits to nullify them.
  • Stone is great for quickly blocking enemy doorways.
  • Stone can be mined most efficiently from Thick Rock.