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Crate.png TeamCrate.png
Production cost BuilderShop.png 150 WoodMini.png or 20 Coins

BoatShop.png Varies (Coins) Crate containing Warboat Crate containing Longboat

VehicleShop.png Varies (Coins) Crate containing Catapult Crate containing Ballista

Hits to break 16
Used by Everyone
Pickup Everyone: Manual pickup
Produced BuilderShop.png (CTF)

Workbench.png (TTH)

BoatShop.png (CTF)

VehicleShop.png (CTF)

The crate is a container used to carry items, small animals (chickens, fishies), corpses that can be picked up, and lit bombs. When held and press E, players can (if desired) go into the crate (hold, press E, and select the button that pops up on the crate), and thus hide, easily transported, and extra protected (nothing else can be put in the crate when a player is in it). Players can pop out of the crate by a player (one who's holding the crate or the one who's inside the crate) by pressing E and selecting the button that appears on top of the crate.